jeep Have thrown out some historical colour for Wrangler and Gladiator This year’s lineup includes Chief Blue, Nacho and, Recently, Gecko Green. The brand has not completed the rainbow: Mopar insider used to be Yesterday, when Stellatis design boss Ralph Gilles (Ralph Gilles) posted a photo of a pink jeep, please pay attention to its Instagram feed.The headline is, “I am new Jeep Wrangler Tuscadero Color Code PHP… My sketches for potential next generation Viper Around 1995, haha. “Gilles deleted the post. Replace it with a lens The real next-generation Viper he played in 1995 and a title that ended with “Pink things appear this way shhhhhh…”, but by then, I Got in touch with it Dealer Friends found that Wrangler shoppers can now order Tuscadero Pink Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Forum has been investigating The mystery of the Tuscadero pearl coat lasted for several months. The name is great, if it is misleading. Carol “Pink” Tuscadero A character in “Happy Days”, she likes pink clothes and her boyfriend The Fonz. She can be as cool as him, her clothes and her manners give a fabulous longevity. Pinky was written into three episodes of a series of 11 consecutive seasons. She appeared more than 40 years ago. But when you say the word Tuscadero to someone of a certain age, the first reaction you get is, “Pinky?” This may lead to mentioning Pinky’s sister Leather Tuscadero, because, well, this is a good time to be alive.

However, the new Wrangler color is not pink.Like other limited edition colors relaunched for Jeep’s 80th birthday, Tuscadero Pink is the return of the color that first appeared. On the Dodge Challenger 11 years ago As the sales code PHP, namely Furious Fuchsia. dodge The color was launched in 2010 to commemorate the 40th anniversary charger, May nod to Panther Pink Chrysler Once provided for its muscle car.

The picture announced by the dealer indicates that the new color can be used for all decorations, Mopar insider It is said that models with two-door groups are excluded. This won’t last forever, so if you are ready to “think pink!”, as Pinky said in the show, don’t wait to step up.

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