When the 49ers traded to No. 3 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, it was clear that they would draft a quarterback. They chose Trey Lance as their future QB.

But is he the current quarterback? This is the problem facing the 49ers during the offseason.

Coach Kyle Shanahan and the top of the team tend to start Jimmy Gallopolo most of the time. The team likes the veteran and has always been a fan of his performance in training camp.

“Not as difficult as you think,” Shanahan’s Peter King in the United States told “Football Morning” When asked when he can start Lance. “In this business, if you try to plan for the next six months and say,’Where is it going?’ That’s a mistake. You can’t do that. When we traded, what I said to Jimmy was, “If you Show your best self, I don’t know any rookie can beat you. “

“I don’t necessarily think he was there in training camp last year. Then he was injured. But now, I see him playing well here. If he can continue like this, it would be great for Trey. This It’s great for our team. Then Trey can wait until he is at his best. This will not happen overnight.”

Having said that, Lance also played well during the training camp and scored a wonderful goal in his first preseason game against the Chiefs, which put pressure on Gallopolo. Shanahan recently praised the way the two compete.

“They are desperate,” Shanahan says August 19, after a joint practice match with the Chargers. “They did a good job. It’s not about one person versus another. It’s about how good Trey can be, how good can Jimmy be?”

After two preseason games, is Gallopolo still a favorite? Or is Lance doing enough to prove that he can start right away? The quarterback battle in San Francisco now has one preseason game left.

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Defeat Jimmy Gallopolo in the 49ers vs. Chargers game

Gallopolo only played one series. He has his ups and downs.

Advantages: Gallopolo shows a certain degree of mobility. He fought for 10 yards in the 10th and 10th yards, where he navigated his pockets well and decided to run and slide at the right time to avoid being hit.

But there are also some light spots on the radar. In the third and fourth, he was about one yard away from the first downward mark. JaMycal Hasty may have reached the first fall, but after finishing it caused the fourth fall.

When the 49ers switched on their fourth chance to land, Gallopolo vomited a little later. The pass to Brandon Eyuk was intercepted. The ball flew a little high, but Iyuk caught it. Although Iuk should catch the ball, Gallopolo should pass the ball more accurately.

Gallopolo made 3 of 6 shots for 15 yards and was intercepted in that separate series. He also had those 10 yards rushing. This is a small sample size, but he does not seem to be the best.

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Defeat Trey Lance in the 49ers vs. Chargers

In the early days, Lance did not seem to perform much better than Garoppolo. His first three games ended with a punt, an interception, and another punt with a three-pointer. The interception was not entirely Lance’s fault-the pass swept from Mohamed Sanou’s hand-but like Gallopolo’s choice, the throw was high.

Lance finally ran for two minutes of practice rhythmically. He drove the 49ers 75 yards in just 45 seconds and demonstrated a good combination of low court accuracy, arm strength and mobility. His best shot was a 41-yard shot, hitting Trent Sheffield in stride.

After a few games, Lance drove a fast ball to Sanou, opening the scoring for the 49ers. Lance ran out of a 2-point conversion that seemed to tie the score, but the game was recalled due to a suspension of free throws.

Lance’s ups and downs performance continued into the second half. In the first half, he took a sack and threw an incomplete ball. This led to the punt.

In his next drive, he scored another touchdown and threw at Travis Benjamin. Lance hit Benjamin through the narrow window to give the 49ers the lead.

Overall, Lance completed 14 passes for 102 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. He also fought for 8 yards.

Lance showed excellent arm strength, moved well in his pocket, and showed a knack for evading stress. His biggest problem is inconsistency, but this is what a rookie can expect. He has the ability to become the team’s quarterback, but is the 49ers ready to trust his starting position?

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Which quarterback has the upper hand in the 49-man QB battle?

Reims heated up after a slow start on Sunday, but it is hard to imagine that the 49ers will leave Gallopolo after two preseason games. Gallopolo’s performance in Week 2 may not be very good, but Lance’s performance is also very uneven. The rookie sometimes performed well, but Gallopolo performed better than Lance in one key area: accuracy.

Gallopolo (6 out of 9) has a much higher percentage of completed passes. Lance’s instability led him to only complete 13 of 28 games in two games.

player Compensation percentage code TD INT Punching
Jimmy Gallopolo 66.7 41 0 1 10
Trey Lance 46.4 230 3 1 8

Although Lance’s other statistics are better than Garoppolo, Lance’s actions are also significantly more than the veteran who has only played twice. So the completion percentage is the most important number, and this is where Gallopolo’s advantage lies.

In addition, 49 people have always stated that they are more inclined to start Gallopolo, giving Lance time to develop. GM John Lynch said it again last week.

“Yes. Jimmy has done a good job. He is likely to be our person in Week 1. This is the plan now.” Lynch told Tim Kawakami of The Athletic“Obviously, things may change, but this is where we are now. He is very amazing, this is nothing new, but we have talked a lot and everyone knows [his record] When he went out. He was very effective for us, and I think we now see a better version. Every day is a big day, every week is a big day, and there are many opportunities for evaluation. But he did a great job. “

After the 49ers beat the Chargers 15-10 on Sunday, Shanahan said that there hasn’t been much change since the start of training camp. He still regards Gallopolo as a starter.

“I think the situation is very similar now,” Shanahan told reporters.

But is he ready to officially name Gallopolo as the starter?

“No, I will not announce this news,” Shanahan said. “Not tonight.”

Nevertheless, if Jimmy G stays healthy, he seems to start playing against the Lions in Week 1. Lance needs a good performance in Week 3 to have a chance.

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