JJ Watt found his clone. The Cardinals’ defensive end reacted enthusiastically after discovering his looks.

The person in question is Matt Bates, a defensive winger from West Liberty (West Virginia) University. According to Random College Athletes’ Twitter account-a good follower-Bates played for the Peak team in 2008-13, which briefly coincided with Watt’s college career. After transferring from Central Michigan, the latter lived in Wisconsin for a year in 2008, and then played for the Badgers for two seasons in 2009 and 2010.

This similarity is definitely obvious-but, as Watt mentioned, it is not perfect:

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Bates accepted the comment calmly and reacted to Watt’s joke:

Bates also reposted several other jokes about his similarities to Watt.

According to West Liberty’s team website, Bates ended his career as a red shirt senior in 2012 (after becoming a red shirt in 2011). In his five-year career, he played 40 games, with a total of 114 tackles (21.5 losses), 13.5 sacks, 2 forced turnovers, 4 recovery errors and 3 defensive passes. .

Compared to Watt’s college numbers, this is not bad-106 steals (36.5 losses), 11.5 sacks-although it is worth remembering that Watt only played three seasons. According to West Liberty’s website, Betz also has a significant height disadvantage (6-0 vs. Watt’s 6-5), and his weight is slightly lower than the NFL star.

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