According to people familiar with the matter, Joe Biden has appointed Democratic fundraiser and former ambassador to France Jane Hartley as the US special envoy to the UK.

Hartley’s choice was made after weeks of uncertainty over Biden’s intentions for the position. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg; former Secretary of State Colin Powell; former Delaware Senator and his old friend Ted Kaufman are all considered candidates.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Hartley was selected because of her performance and experience as the US ambassador to France during Barack Obama’s second term.

When she arrived in Paris, it was expected that the French-American agenda would be driven by economic issues, but after the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and Batakland Concert Hall and other locations were attacked in January 2015, anti-terrorism cooperation quickly took over. To Paris.

If confirmed by the Senate, Hartley will be responsible for managing US-UK relations crucial momentDespite differences on the issue of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are still trying to consolidate a strong relationship.

Biden visited the UK during his first visit as president last month. He participated in the Cornwall G7 summit, held bilateral meetings with Johnson, and visited Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

The White House declined to comment on Hartley’s nomination, which was first reported by the Washington Post.

In recent weeks, the US president has formally nominated some senior diplomatic positions, hiring professional diplomats, prominent donors and politicians from both sides.

Some of the most recent candidates include former Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake as the US ambassador to Turkey, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the US ambassador to India.

In Europe, Biden chose the famous Democratic fundraiser and Obama’s special envoy to Belgium, Denise Campbell Bauer, as his ambassador to France, and appointed Amy Gutmann, the president of the University of Pennsylvania. Serve as the German ambassador.

Hartley served as a Carter government official in the 1970s, and then engaged in a long career in the private sector, including working for broadcasters and leading two international economic policy consulting companies, the Observatory Group and the Group of Seven.

She was the top fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. She also donated money to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, although her fundraising effect is relatively small.

In recent years, Hartley has served on the Board of Directors of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, the Visiting Committee of the Harvard University School of Government, and the Board of Directors of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

She is married to Ralph Schlosstein, co-CEO of investment bank and consulting firm Evercore.


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