Any time a team reaches a record where the name of Vince Lombardi is mentioned, it is worth considering as a milestone. Even if the record is during the NFL preseason.

The Ravens defeated the Panthers 20-3 on Saturday, tying the record of 19 consecutive preseason victories set by Lombardi in the 1959-62 season. Baltimore will have a chance to set a record in the game against Washington next Saturday.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that some people will argue whether this is a meaningful record, but he believes that “everything in life has meaning.”

Huber said: “If you are doing this and it is worth doing and important, then it is worth doing well.” “I think players and coaches have always been involved. If you want to see the big picture, all those who play on the court Young players-Josh Woodroom has a motivation to win games, you can go back-those guys should be proud of it.

“All the players involved in those years should be proud of this tonight, because this is something that only another team has done, you know, Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers. I want to say this is worth taking note of.”

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Baltimore has not lost a preseason game since September 3, 2015, and has performed well in preseason games for many years. The team’s record has always been 65-32 (the Ravens started playing in 1996), and Huber has led the team to a record of 38-12 since he took over as the head coach in 2008.

For reference, on September 3, 2015, Lamar Jackson has not yet attempted a college-level pass in Louisville. He didn’t participate in his first college game until September 5th, when he completed 9 of 20 passes for 100 yards and was intercepted in a 31-24 loss to Auburn. He rushed 16 times, rushed for 106 yards and touched down.

Harbaugh’s preseason mentality is something Lombardi might share. Lombardi led 42-8 in the preseason game with the Packers.

“Winning is not something that happens overnight; it is something that has always been. You don’t win occasionally; you don’t do things right occasionally; you always do things right,” Lombardi said of one of his most famous quotes.

The Packers won two NFL championships (1961 and 1962) and participated in the 1960 championship game during Lombardi’s preseason winning streak. Since Baltimore won the 2013 game, Hubble has not won the Super Bowl. Undoubtedly, he hopes to continue his winning streak and then achieve the most important victory at the end of the 2021 season.


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