In a long-standing tradition, the end of August will not only celebrate the independence of our country, but also an annual endurance race.

Therefore, the annual MSF Merdeka Race will be held again on August 31 this year, despite the virtual participation through the MSF Cyber ​​Turismo e-racing platform running Gran Turismo Sport on the Sony PlayStation platform.

Due to the current pandemic situation in the country, this will replace the version of the real game that has been rescheduled to December.Officially named MSF-MAM Merdeka Cyber ​​Enduro Festival, The virtual endurance event aims to capture the excitement and establishment of the real-world independent endurance race.

Therefore, the virtual online action started long before the feature competition event; MSF has developed a two-week event schedule to recreate the days and weeks of testing and fine-tuning before the final game of Independence Day itself .

The expanded form is unique, and it is also the first e-racing event held in Malaysia; this will be a team-oriented racing festival, where four racers from each team will participate in four different racing events in different simulations. Held on the track, each driver will participate in a one-hour race.

The racing festival will be held in three stages.This starts with team qualification August 23-25 exist 10:00 pm, Followed by the battle phase on August 29. The team will participate in a 3-hour race with 45 minutes on the field.

Each race will be held on the racing platform at different times of the day to simulate the 12-hour timeline experienced in a real independent race. The game will be held at noon, dusk and dawn, and finally the fourth and final game will be played at noon the next day.

The official registration of the team will be held on August 18, during which all participating drivers must be locked from the Gr. 3 category. The track order of each game will be officially announced later. Subsequently, the team will submit their driver sequence by August 23, allowing the team to test the driving sequence of their track schedule over the weekend.

“For the MSF Cyber ​​Enduro Festival, we wanted to capture the weeks of long preparations experienced by real-world racing teams when preparing for independent endurance races in real life; testing, planning and strategic discussions. Although electronic racing It is usually a single sport, but our events now require drivers to learn to cooperate and develop teamwork in order to achieve the goal of becoming a champion of Merdeka Cyber ​​Enduro,” said Adian Yein, head of MSF.

As a dealer of Yokohama tires and Advanti Racing wheels, YHI Malaysia provides physical prizes for the event, including two sets of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R tires and two sets of Advanti Racing DST Storm wheels for the winning team of Merdeka Cyber​​Enduro. The best drivers of the day also have prizes, which will be selected through online voting.

Rodney Koh, YHI Malaysia’s alloy wheel sales manager, said: “E-racing is an alternative platform for racing enthusiasts. We believe it should be recognized and supported like any other sport.”

“Despite the restrictions and restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have explored a different way to continue the spirit of motorsport, even by racing on virtual platforms. This is also increasingly in line with the e-sports field. Increased interest is closely related to participation,” said Tan Sri Mozani Tun Mahathir, Chairman of the Malaysian Motor Sports Association.

Learn more about entry requirements, competition settings and rules On the MSF Racing website, here. For viewers, please watch the live virtual racing action Médecins Sans Frontières Facebook page, And a one-hour show that will be broadcast on Astro Arena (Channel 801) next week.

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