Jojo Siwa One of the most recognizable entertainers in the world – especially if you’re a kid, parent or fan dancing with the stars, she finished second last year. Her vibrant music, infectiously positive personality, colorful outfits and signature high ponytail are must-have elements of her personal brand, but one thing has changed dramatically.

The name JoJo Siwa might be more synonymous with long, tall ponytails than Ariana Grande—I know—but not anymore. Siwa has decided it’s time to move on from her signature hairstyle and long hair. On Wednesday, April 6, the singer posted a quick clip showing her getting a haircut. “Mayyyyy did something today yyy💇🏼‍♀️,” she wrote in the caption, though the video barely hinted at how important the hairstyle would be.

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The next day, everything was revealed. Siwa now has a great asymmetrical short style with length in the front and undercuts all around. In a photo she posted on April 7, she looked very excited about the style, which allowed her to show off her impressive ear party.