On Sunday, Jose Altove and the Astros gave a cold-blooded response to Aaron Judge and the Yankees.

At the bottom of the ninth inning, Altuve hit a three-point home run, ending a six-point rebound, allowing Houston to win 8-7 at Minute Maid Park. Although the comeback is huge from Houston’s perspective, the celebration is even better.

That’s because Altof finally showed the ink on his collarbone without hesitation. It is said that it was bad two years ago and needs to be hidden. When his teammates ripped his jersey from him, he didn’t seem to mind at all.

the day before, The judge seems to be mocking Artuf Because he didn’t want to be deprived of a home run closer to Aroldis Chapman against the Yankees after winning the 2019 ALCS. After hitting Zack Greinke, when he reached third base, Judge pulled the jersey to his chest.

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The judge said the air conditioning of the retractable roof stadium in Houston was the reason.

“They closed the roof here. The weather is very cold, so I just let my team know to buckle better,” the judge was expressionless after the game on Saturday. “Everyone is welcome to express their opinions.”

Two years ago, Altuve and his allies sought to explain why he didn’t want to take off his jersey after winning a home run in ALCS. Bad things are one of them. The other is that his wife objected to taking off Altuve’s shirt at other times. The third is straightforward humility.

To many people, they all sound ridiculous, and they fuel the conspiracy theory that Altuve wants to hide a buzzer attached to his chest to remind him of the upcoming tone.

After Altove took the Yankees away again, the Astros TV crew was ready for their jab.

“I don’t know, but that kind of buzzed me, TK,” analyst Geoff Blum said to Todd Kalas, the scene by scene.

This is the last game of the Astros vs. Yankees in the regular season. The playoff series between them will make everyone excited.


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