Nine players lead Josh Rosen in the 2018 NFL Draft. The UCLA quarterback claimed that he would be better than all of them.

“Nine mistakes were made in front of me,” Rosen said. “And I will make sure in the next ten years or so that they know they made a mistake.”

Three and a half years later, it seems that choosing Rosen to enter the top 10 was wrong. He will enter his fifth team in four years and has no chance to prove himself at the NFL level.

The Falcons are the latest to give Rosen a chance because they will let him compete for the bench job behind Matt Ryan. Previously, this belonged to AJ McCarron, but the veteran tore his ACL in the second preseason game. Atlanta needs an experienced player to join the team, and Ryan is behind only the failed rookie Felipe Franks.

Can Rosen finally realize his potential? We will know soon, but so far, in his career, he has been unable to hold on.

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Josh Rosen Draft

Rosen was selected by the Cardinals with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Arizona selected him through a trade, making him the fourth quarterback on the board and the final choice for the star-studded top 10.

Pick player Location team
1 Baker Mayfield QB Browns
2 Sakun Buckley RB Giants
3 Sam Darnold QB jet
4 Denzel Ward CB Browns
5 Bradley Chubb From Broncos
6 Quinton Nelson G pony
7 Josh Allen QB bill
8 Luo Quan Smith lb Bear
9 Mike McGlynch work overtime 49 people
10 Josh Rosen QB Cardinals

In other words, Rosen was not satisfied with the final draft pick that slipped into the top 10.

“When I fell, I was very angry,” he said. According to“One, two, three passed, and then it was a little fuzzy.”

Although Rosen wanted to prove that the nine players selected in front of him were wrong, he hardly did that in his work with the Cardinals. As a rookie, he started 13 games in Arizona and created a 3-10 record, while completing 55.2% of the passes, completing 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

Due to their poor 2018 season, the Cardinals won the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. People began to speculate that Kyler Murray was the jewel of the new coach Kilf Kingsbury, but the coach denied this.

“Our feelings for Josh have not weakened or changed,” Kingsbury said. According to“I know we have the first choice, and there will be a million scenes, in the next three months, they will appear. But Josh is ours.”

Of course, it turns out that this is a smokescreen. The Cardinals selected Murray with a first-round pick, and only a day later, they traded Rosen. The move came a full year after trading to get him into the 2018 draft.

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Josh Rosen Dolphin Trade

The Dolphins, with draft rights, sent the Cardinals the second round of late draft picks and the fifth round of picks in exchange for Rosen in the 2019 draft.

“You rarely have a second chance to make a first impression, so [I’m] Trying to get off [on] And the right feet of all these people here,” Rosen says After being traded.

Once again, things did not go according to plan. Rosen started three games for the Dolphins while competing with Ryan Fitzpatrick for playing time. The Dolphins led Rosen 0-3 in his starting lineup, and his statistics—53.2 completion rate, 567 yards of passes, 1 touchdown, and 5 interceptions—are worse than his rookie season.

The Dolphins won the top five in the 2020 NFL Draft and spent it on Tua Tagovailoa. They let Rosen stay and compete for the third-line position after Fitzpatrick and Tagovaloa, but they eventually tried to trade him before the 2020 season, but failed. So they chopped him.

Before the release of Rosen, Dolphins coach Brian Flores called him “very talented” but admitted that the trade he did not proceed as planned.

“You won’t hit every player. In every trade. On every draft pick. Show me a team that hits everyone. I will applaud that team,” Flo. Reis said, According to“So I am not saying there are any regrets. At the moment, we think this is the best move for the Dolphins. So it did not succeed. We have moved from Josh. We will leave it there.”

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Did Josh Rosen win the Super Bowl ring?

Rosen stood up after his release and joined the Buccaneers’ practice team. He studied there for most of the 2020 season, under the tutelage of Tom Brady, Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin.Rosen describes learning from Brady as “privilege.”

However, later in the season, Rosen got the opportunity to join the 49ers’ active roster. Therefore, on December 23, he signed with San Francisco.

The Pirates continue to win the Super Bowl. However, Rosen did not receive the Super Bowl ring. If he stays in the Buccaneers training class during the Super Bowl, he will get one. In other words, when the list of active players is open, NFL players tend to accept them, so he decided to occupy a place on the 49ers’ 53-man roster, which is hard to blame.

2022 standard fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

Josh Rosen and the 49ers

Rosen joined the 49ers, Jimmy Gallopolo and Nick Mullens were sidelined by injuries, training quarterback Josh Johnson to deal with COVID-19. As a substitute for CJ Beathard, he was active in two games, but he did not play.

Rosen competed with Nate Sudfield in the 2022 offseason for the third-line quarterback after Gallopolo and Tre Lance. However, he was frustrated by the lack of representation. As a result, the 49ers abandoned him.

Now, Rosen deserves more representation when he is competing with Franks for the Falcons’ bench job. But when he joined the league for four years to join his fifth team, he has run out of time to make an impact.

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