The temperature listed at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Saturday was 73 degrees. In other words, the air conditioner is turned on very high.

Yankees heavy hitter Aaron Judge said he felt a chill, just like when he was in the park. Maybe he wants to adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees.

Of course he didn’t. The air conditioning is just a convenient way to avoid saying that he cheated the Astros second baseman Jose Altouf.

When Judge pulled the sides of the jersey top to his chest, he was bypassing third base in the third inning. The alert audience saw this and speculated that the judge was mocking Altof for trying to keep his jersey after winning the 2019 ALCS and hitting a home run against the Yankees closer Alodis Chapman hit.

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“They closed the roof here, it’s very cold here, so I just let my team know that I need to buckle a little better,” the judge was expressionless after the game. “Everyone is welcome to express their opinions.”

This Explanation of Altuf and his allies After an ALCS home run-a bad tattoo, his wife objected to tearing off Altuve’s shirt at other times, or just plain modesty-it sounds ridiculous.They fueled He wants to hide the conspiracy theory of the buzzer The one on his chest reminded him of the upcoming stadium.

During the Yankees’ first visit to Houston since that game, Judge finally responded.

It turns out that Judge’s dinger was the only time the Yankees won 1-0 in this game.New York starter Gerrit Cole There is ice in his veins When he walked to the closing distance.


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