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June 2022 picture book

Atticus Katix
Sarah Maizes, illustrated by Kara Kramer
Cat book / sense of rhythm / 3 years
A boy and his cute cat friend had a pleasant day in this rhythmic and lovely story, which is full of funny fictional words and sweet relationships.Atticus Caticus jump…/SPLAT-a-tat-taticus!“From waking up to breakfast, until the cat fell asleep on his head, these two best friends always had a great time.
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However the power
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Growth mindset
This inspiring book is simplified for young readers, showing a little pig who wants to ride a bicycle but can’t… With time, patience, practice and growth, you will eventually reach cycling, math, cooking and baseball.
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The Tossy-Turny Princess and the Pesky Pea: a fairy tale that helps you fall asleep
Author: Susan Verde, illustrated by Jay Fleck
Bedtime stories to help children fall asleep / fairy tale
A useful story for children trying to fall asleep! This princess likes to sleep. But one day, a pea slipped under her mattress and it ruined her sleep! The gardener suggested that she transform her body into the shape of a lizard. The chef advised her to inhale and exhale slowly through her nose. The librarian told her that he likes to turn on his back, leaning his legs on the bookshelf. Finally, the astronomer advised her to lie down, let her body relax, and put her every trouble on a star. That night, the princess implemented the suggestion and soon fell asleep. The author’s notes at the end provide readers with more information about each falling asleep thought.
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Rice balls in the pot
Author: Wendy Wan-Long Shang, Lorian Tu Illustration
Preschool songs / Chinese culture
Along with this cheerful and enthusiastic story, the text is rewritten into the familiar “Wheels on the Bus” song, making it a story of a multi-generation Chinese family eating together.Nai Nai drinking tea, whirring… Ye Ye eats noodles and sips, sips, and sips. Grid eats tofu, squeezed, squeezed, squeezed.When I see the delicious food my family eats, I also want to eat rice, noodles, and dumplings.
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Yoga animals by the sea
Authors: Christiane Kerr and Jason Hook, illustrated by Julia Green
Yoga books / mood
This is a social emotional and yoga story about the Crab Festival. His fish friends support many of his feelings-grumpy, lonely and depressed by sharing yoga poses that can help. When he does yoga poses, his initial emotions will be transferred to other emotions. For example, he went from tired to full of energy, from shy to brave. Each two pages tells the story and shows yoga poses with directions.
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Oscar’s Flower Tower
Lauren Tobia
Speechless / Kindness
When his mother left and Oscar stayed with his Nana, Oscar planted and planted flowers. Then, he shared the flowers with all his neighbors. Speechless with charming illustrations.
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Little Blue Bridge
Illustration by Brenda Maier, Sonia Sanchez
fairy tale / problem solved
Echoing the story of the three Billy goats, Gruff, Ruby wants to cross the bridge to pick blueberries. But her brothers did not have her because she was too young. When the brothers tried to cross, the logging guard Santiago said:”I’m the boss, you can’t cross…unless you give me a snack. The boys told Santiago to wait for the next sibling to pack better snacks. Santiago let the brothers cross. Finally, Ruby started to cross the bridge. She had no snacks, so she built her own bridge—Santiago helped her. They crossed the bridge together. Pick the blueberry snack on the other side. Now Ruby is the owner of Shimbashi. What will she ask her brothers to do to cross her bridge? Of course it is to bake pies for her! Talk about the power of girls!
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Author: Atinuke, by Birgitta Sif
Kindness / Friendship
A heart-warming story about Hugo, it is a friendly park ranger pigeon helping a shy girl to husk. She stayed at home, but Hugo continued to visit her. Finally, she opened the window to him and they became friends. One day, Hugo was injured by a dog, and the girl rushed to him and left her apartment to rescue him. When she took care of Hugo to recover, she went outside with him, and the little girl Aimee made more friends.
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Flame charm
Simon James Green, by Gary Parsons
Self-love/Celebrate Difference
Llama Llama worried that his friends would not like his dance moves, so he sneaked away. But one day, he found a carnival where there were other dancing llamas, which gave him the courage to tell his farm friends his secret love for dancing. They accepted and in turn told Larry they also felt different ways.

Goldilocks and three engineers
Author: Sue Fliess, painted by Petros Bouloubasis
Stem engineering
Don’t miss this interesting rhyming STEM twist Traditional fairy tale Blonde. One day, this Goldilocks was trapped in an experiment, so she left the wall. Three bears discovered her laboratory and explored Goldilock’s house-adding to the fun of her invention. When she returned home, she was happy to see improvements in her invention and suggested that they cooperate regularly.
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The only spark
Author: Channing Tatum, by Kim Barnes
be yourself
In her new school, when her classmates don’t appreciate her shining self, the shining Ella feels weakened. So she doesn’t have her light, but it also feels bad. That night, she and her father held a dance party, and he encouraged her to remember that she had everything she needed in her heart. She decided to be her shining self and made a new friend at school. Her father came to pick her up in a dazzling jacket and matching crown-they reflected on how good it felt to be themselves. Their father-daughter love is sweet and inspiring!
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No pants!
By Jacob Grant
Interesting / father and son
Children will love the familiar dialogue between father and son about preparing for a party-when The son argued that he did not need to wear pants. Dad gave many examples to illustrate that all other people in the world and their families wear pants in all different activities. When Dad forgot his pants, the excitement continued-they arrived at the party but found that it was a pool party, and no one was wearing pants-they were wearing swimsuits!
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Body is cool
Taylor Feder
Together with LGTBQ+ couples, mixed-race families, people of different abilities, and people of different ages, celebrate the body’s many different colors of skin, shape, nose, hair, etc., with positive and inclusive physical performance. As you read, repeat the chorus of the book, “The body is cool.“”Hairy fingers, wrinkled fingers, sunken elbows, chubby fingers, trembling arms and stubby fingers. The body is cool!

If i were a tree
Author: Andrea Zimmerman, illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong
When the family drove to the camping area and hiked, the children were thinking about what it would be like to be a tree—feeling the warmth of the sun, tasting the soil and sand, smelling the smell of honey and bees, calling out owls and snakes In the cave, I saw flowers and deer. Lyric and sensual text, evocative illustrations, and a true appreciation of nature, this is an exquisite book that can inspire the curiosity of all your senses!If I were a tree, I knew what I would smell. Sweet honey and bees, skunk in the breeze. I can smell the smoke in the air, the smell of bears, the rot of ancient fungi, and the rain on the road.
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Various animal families
by Sophie Hayne
Learn about different animal families, such as the orangutan whose mother takes care of the baby or the emu whose father raises the chicks. Read about the birds whose siblings take care of their cubs and the orca family whose grandparents take care of their cubs. Some families have two mothers, such as an albatross family, or two fathers, such as a cheetah. Bright, colorful illustrations of each animal family, age-appropriate text, plus background material for more information about each animal…
Kane Miller

By Catalina Kerulli
Raise the flaps (Good book for 2 years old)
The funny descriptions and flaps were opened to show the children the mouths of different wild animals, such as snakes, lions, crocodiles, monkeys and tigers. “SNap,“It said inside the crocodile.”Such colorful scales, such soft tongue, such sharp fangs… Be careful, everyone! Hiss hiss.”Very suitable for preschool children.
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Dirty truck
Author: Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrated by Elisa Ferro
truck / Preschool
When the pickup truck got stuck in the slimy mud, his truck friends came to help… but they also got stuck. Finally, the fire truck arrived with a fire hose,”Splashing! Seeing that the dry and sticky soil became soft as mud.“The trucks were disengaged one by one, until the small truck thought it was fun to play in the mud…They all came back to join him. A large number of onomatopoeias and rhythms made this an interesting reading choice for growing readers.
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The princess can pretend!
Tracy Marchini, illustrated by Julia Christians
Gender Role/STEM
A lovely girl empowerment story, the princesses show their fathers that they are capable and do not need to be restricted to gender roles. When the king has a problem with the crocodile, the princesses know they can solve it. Moreover, even if the king fired them, their brother prince encouraged them, and the princesses kept working hard until they found a solution!
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Good night, little panda
Author: Amanda Wood, painted by Vikki Chu
The little panda looked around and found that the perfect food was her food at the beginning of the story—bamboo. This is a fascinating journey of animals, plants and sounds. She saw birds pecking at seeds, and red pandas were also trying seeds. “Gnaw, gnaw. bad!“She saw a frog eating a worm.”Wriggling, wriggling. Double cock!In the end, she realized that bamboo was her best food.
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100 dogs: countless naughty puppies
By Michael White
puppy / Rhymes / Preschool reading aloud
Puppies, tall dogs, playing ball dogs, big dogs digging dogs, burying bones.“You will love seeing all the different kinds of dogs in this colorful and fascinating book. This book will definitely become a favorite reading book!
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Racing car
Author: Jenny Devenny, editor of Charnaie Gordon
Racism and white privilege
Two best friends participated in the race and found that white cars were treated differently from black cars with different rules and even different tracks. When the white car realized what had happened, he returned to his best friend and apologized for not paying attention. The back contains discussion points for adults and children to complete together. This book will be a useful teaching tool for prejudice and racism.
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