I didn’t like this for a long time. I found it to be too heavy and wrinkled due to excessive dew and the visible surface on the skin-it is hardly worse than this unless it is because their shade is not suitable for us porcelain girls (such an expensive and much-hyped product) , But they ignore the skin color…). Therefore, because it is in my drawer, it has not been moved, and its SPF value is 50+, I decided to use it this summer, the strangest thing happened-it was like a completely different Foundation.Although I suspect that the latest sponge applicator I use on Aliexpress is what makes it work, because it is like it absorbs excess oil and smears on the skin CC looks great (It says it is no longer available, so there is no link). My skin care may also be related to it, because my skin is now much less problematic than when I first tried it, so now it is a natural foundation (well, CC) with medium to high coverage, It does not emphasize pores, nor does it make my lines look worse as before. Now the finish is satin dew, not greasy at all, which is weird because it is a heat wave, I am pretty sure I have to use a ton of powder on it, and I have SPF under it, but don’t even need to set It, although I do it around the eyes, because I wear glasses. I like it now, but the shadows are still too dark, and they don’t have anything lighter, so even if it’s good, I wouldn’t buy the full size because of this (Misha’s BB It is a better substitute for pale skin). The ingredients are great, and the high SPF is a good supplement.
I praise this is my skin essence Last favorite, But by then I only used it for a week or two. Now that more time has passed, it is worth mentioning again because my skin hasn’t looked so good in a while. Along with Nuxe oil, I regret to say that I neglected to test other things or just lazy because it is the last step of my daily work, they are really effective for my skin. It looks good-healthy, the texture looks good, softer than before, I have no sneaky little breaks.Propolis and Nuxe have always been useful to me, unfortunately I put them aside to try vitamin C/A things, I am not satisfied with the results (except Eucerin Vitamin C, It is expensive).
I am a fan of products such as light, toner/essence, because I layer my skin care and it is easier to do this with liquid products, which is why this immediately attracted me. Afrodita didn’t say it, but I think the combination of two peptides is Matrixyl 3000 (palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7), as you may know from The Ordinary.I have got The latter serum I found it to be heavy and difficult to stack without peeling off. It also has a peptide, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, so it is also a good moisturizing product. I like this, I think it works very well for me, although I can’t report anti-aging results yet.

A very good light and elegant SPF. It is nothing like sunscreen, it is like a typical oily combination skin lotion. Usually, when day creams have SPF, they tend to be heavier. I have Olay Regenerist SPF 30, which is much thicker than this. The protective essence sinks quickly on my skin, there is no white plaster and no greasy feeling when mixed. It will leave some shine of sunscreen, but it is not a greasy type because it is almost dry to the touch. This is a good one, SPF 30 is enough to protect me, although I wear 50 in summer. This also has a useful hint in the description (2 pumps). I forgot to mention in New that it has a medium-strong floral fragrance.

My current night moisturizer. It is just a good standard base cream, not too heavy for these summers, but still rich enough for my dry skin. It has some niacinamide, no fragrance and a medium-thick texture of gel cream.

When my ends are very dry, I don’t like it as an emergency treatment, but I like it as an overnight treatment because it has a longer lasting effect than oils containing silicon (Lazartique is silicon free, mixed with “regular” or natural oil). When my hair is dry and frizzy (almost every day now), I use it a lot before going to bed, and when my hair drank most of my hair in the morning, it looks great without frizz and looks healthier, see I didn’t get oiled up. However, I cannot use it every day of the week because with two such treatments, the oil does not seem to be absorbed by the hair, making it look a bit dirty/oily (although it never looks like on my hair) Someone who actually has oily hair). Lazartique is the lightest non-silicone oil I have tried so far, which may be interesting for people who avoid silicone oil and find that most ordinary oils are too heavy for them.


SUN DANCE sunscreen 50+

It’s really a strange reason to put it in this article, but I just love its fragrance. The real sunscreen scent is not the coconut-flavored Tiare flower scent, but I believe most people here are very familiar with the scent of Sun Dance. I wish I had a perfume with this fragrance. But other than that, this is a great sunscreen. It is neither light nor elegant, but I have seen its protective effect in practical applications. Someone used this on the back, but didn’t ask for help, so apparently a few parts were missed, which eventually turned bright red, while the rest remained paper white. The white and tan pattern lasted for more than a year, so be careful with sunscreen. When I need to provide good protection for my body, I trust this most, and because it is a cream, I know how much to apply.

The other thing I include here is smell. This will not only fill up the room, but will stay there after you leave. I lent the mask to someone and I smelled it on the stairs 5 minutes after they left. I like products with strong fragrance and strong fragrance. This is not a typical coconut fragrance, it is more like a clean + a blend of something with some coconut-the final result is great. This mask can be used as a regular wash-off formula or as a leave-in mask. I prefer it as a normal mask because it leaves residue on dry hair, and because it does not contain silicone, it does not slip off, but as a wash-off mask, it is a good drugstore mask, but it doesn’t Too suitable for very curly hair. Since it does not contain silicone, I occasionally use it as a co-wash conditioner/mask, so I wash my hair with it instead of shampoo and my hair feels clean (but not scalp).

AliExpress large foam roller for non-heat curly hair

I got a new “satin thing” for heatless curls on AliExpress and it’s very good-this is the best method I have tried. Every time I wash and blow dry my hair, I put it in a tight bun to remove frizz, but then my hair looks a bit frizzy, especially on the top, I still need to use a curling iron to get Better curls.This roller is my new way to reduce frizz, my curly hair is almost the same as mine Remington curling iron. I left it all night and it was not very comfortable to sleep on, but you got used to it. You also need a large hair clip to hold it in place, and at the same time wrap the hair around the curling iron (some sellers add it to the set), otherwise it will keep falling. I use it just to get my hair wet. Unwashed hair doesn’t work very well, but the freshly washed + hair dryer is still very warm, which is good. However, I don’t think this is for girls who have thin, silky, and textureless hair, and have problems even using hot tools to make curls. For people who have curly/wavy and/or dry, thick, and rich-textured hair, no heat curls tend to work better. You can try and use some products that increase texture + hold before wrapping your hair (such as mousse or curling cream), but without hot curls, hair will never last as long as using a hot tool. Also for this, the hair needs to be very long because the curling irons are very thick. I like it because it gives me results similar to using a heating tool, so my hair will not tangle in later days. The set contains a roller + two satin headbands, but I have to add two more, and my use method is slightly different from the suggested method because my method is safer.

I will not add a link, just search for “no heat curling rollers”. There are many sellers doing the same thing.

TOSOWOONG Propolis Natural Pure Essence Brightening Care -Although I like It’s Skin Propolis, it is a very attractive product because it contains 75% propolis extract, nicotinamide, galactosaccharomyces fermentation filtrate, bifidobacterium fermentation lysate, and Centella asiatica extract , Arginine, adenosine, hyaluronic acid and various extracts. However, I do not like to order online outside the EU.

M. ASAM Vitamin C Serum 10% Powerful Serum -I saw this brand in Müller’s German online store. I don’t know if we have it here, but I like the ingredient list. (I need to see if it is here. I suspect it is not.) This one contains three forms of vitamin C: sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. It also contains squalane, Q10, hyaluronic acid and some Extract. Many things in this brand look interesting, but if we don’t have it in Müller, I wouldn’t bother to track it down.

JOICO K-Pack Revitaluxe Bio Advanced Repair Treatment -I have tried most of the K-Pack series, but although I have been following it for many years, I have never tried it. The ingredients look great (Joico obviously), rich in peptides, amino acids, keratin, extracts, hyaluronic acid and more.

JOICO K-Pak Reconstructor and Hydrator -I have these two, they are almost used up. I want super expensive salon size, see if I take the risk this time or choose the regular size, and then I will keep it endlessly, and my hair suffers from drugstore stuff. This combination is the most effective in fixing hair, and in my opinion, it is better than Olaplex in terms of visual and touch effects.

NIVEA Sun Eau de Toilette -Because I like the scent of Sun Dance sunscreen, I want a similar scent. I have been waiting for this one to finally come to Slovenia, I am not sure if it is available in the pharmacy this year (it is on the Müller Germany website), but it should smell exactly like Nivea sunscreen. I need to check if we finally got it, but I think I only saw the white regular model that smelled like Nivea cream.

JIL SANDER Sun Eau De Toilette Natural Spray -Another sunscreen smell, at least the comment says. I haven’t been to a pharmacy in a while, and I haven’t had a chance to check it out, although it hasn’t appeared for a long time. Reviews most often describe it as a mixture of fruit gum and (European) sunscreen.

Keratosis -I think it’s time to add some Kérastase to my life again.I only have a little left Chronicle mask This is really good (and I like their Nutritive series), and now I want to try more things. I have followed a few products, but of course I will not get all of them or I will even get them (prices have risen a lot in the past 8 years).I am very interested Nutrition 8 H Magic Night Serum, A no-wash night care, has a good evaluation on Sephora.I still want to try the latest Nutritional mask Magical For extremely dry hair (I have Masquintense thick and great), new Blond Absolute Cicaplasme Serum, This is a leave-in conditioner/heat protectant for bleaching hair, Resistance Therapist Serum (Repair and no-wash), Resistance Gummy Extension, This is a conditioner containing malic acid and creatine, Regenerative fever chronologist, This is another kind of no-wash, this one is for smooth blowout and the latest Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolut, This is a leave-in conditioner, used to dry hair between washes. I chose all of these based on ingredient lists or positive reviews.


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