This Original BMC Mini In 1959, it changed the automotive world forever, and it was produced in basically the same form until 2000.Its innovative transversely mounted engine and front-wheel drive drive axle become This The layout of most cars manufactured in the world today, with their low price tags, allowed millions of new drivers to board the car for the first time.Such as Volkswagen Beetle with Fiat 500, It is inevitable that the shape of this iconic machine was applied to modern platforms for the retro-inspiration of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and this is what happened BMW Eventually owns the Rover Group.BMW built Mini hard top The 2002 model year appeared on our shores for the first time. Examples of running out of these cars are Now very rich in self-service shipwreck The entire continent.This Cooper Club Man, Debut here 2008 model year, Rare to see during the period My junkyard trip, So I recorded this in Denver a few weeks ago.

This Club man Is not quite It is as flexible and easy to park as a regular Cooper, but its increased cargo capacity and split rear door make it more useful when going to large stores.

It also provides more space for passengers in the rear seat, and the suicide rear door on the right makes it easier to enter the rear seat (on that side).new mini In any case, it was much larger than the old mini clown car mini in the beginning.

The additional use of Clubman and the recently released version make it uncommon in American car cemeteries.This one is not crashed, and there is the original manual inside, which shows that some owners of the first generation (2008-2014) are no longer willing to pay for the main machinery repair when needed. We will see how this situation is resolved in the next few years.

As owner 2000s station wagon with manual transmission, I applaud for choosing the three-pedal setting for the original purchaser of this wagon.

Before the dumpster shoppers took it apart, the interior looked fairly tidy.

The Colorado toll road transponder shows that this machine has been well taken care of on the road for ten years, but proved not worth repairing when certain major components failed.

The future will be exactly the same as the MINI CLUBMANIA humanoid pinball machine.

of course, Toyota As early as 1985, the United States defeated MINI in pinball machine TV advertising creativity. In this case, the car itself is the ball.

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