This Pontiac distribution Can’t live long When The first appearance of the winter solstice As a 2006 model in 2005, and Saturn Head facing Chopping board At roughly the same speed.Nonetheless, optimism still dominates-at least, until Global economic collapse -So the Saturn dealer got a rebranded version Winter solstice sell: sky. Applicable only for model years from 2007 to 2010. Before the door was nailed, more than 34,000 Sky vehicles were launched from the showroom. This is one of the rare cars found in a self-service yard in the Denver area a few weeks ago.

I found it Some abandoned solstices in the car graveyard In the past few years, it was mainly collision damage.This sky Withstands a moderate impact in the front right corner, it was sent to this place.

The 177-horsepower 2.4-liter Ecotec engine is still under the dilapidated hood. The Sky Redline version is equipped with a turbocharged engine rated at 260 hp; we can assume that such an engine will be yanked and purchased by the first junkyard shoppers who realize what it is.

Sky’s basic gearbox is Aisin’s five-speed manual gearbox, but this car has an optional five-speed automatic gearbox.

The sky has its own nose and some different badges, but in other respects it is not much different from the solstice.

For the Korean market, Sky got Daewoo G2X badge and Advertising As an ideal vehicle for high-speed chasing in traffic in Seoul.

The same car went to Europe Opel GT. Sadly, General Motors No money to make a sky for right-hand driving, so we have never witnessed it Holden or Vauxhall version.

this is Bob Lutz description New sky. Lutz Really hate the name of the car molded on the plastic bumper cover, so he is very careful here to describe the real sticker logo.

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