The Ministry of Justice has published this Thursday the call for a battery of places in the Prosecutor’s Office, including that of Chief Prosecutor for Anti-Corruption, a position currently held by Alejandro Luzón.

The department directed by Pilar Llop has announced 14 vacant destinations that will be provided by the free designation system. The term to present the candidacies expires in 10 calendar days from the publication of this Thursday in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

In addition to the position of Chief Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, there is a call for the Robed Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court; the Tax Inspection of the State Attorney General’s Office; the Superior Prosecutor’s Office of the Canary Islands and La Rioja; the National High Court Prosecutor’s Office; the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office; the Provincial Prosecutor’s Offices of Granada, Malaga and Huesca; and the Area Prosecutor’s Offices of Granollers, Sabadell, Ferrol and Móstoles.

“All interested parties must inform the respective chief prosecutor that they have made a request,” Justice has indicated. These chiefs will be the ones who will inform the Fiscal Inspection of the requests the day after the expiration of the term.

Applications for the places convened by Justice

According to the BOE, members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office may attend who, at the expiration date of the application submission period, are “in an administrative situation of active service, in special services or on voluntary leave to care for certain people or for reason of gender violence” provided for by law and who meet the required conditions according to the position or position in question.

Those who apply for more than one place must “expressly record in their instance the order of priority with which they opt for each one.” Candidates may accompany their petition with a report from their respective chief prosecutors, their list of merits, their publications and academic titles.

Those who apply for places that involve Headquarters positions must provide a project of action that, as Justice has recommended, “does not exceed the extension of 20 pages.” In this situation, all the places offered are found, except for those of Prosecutor of the Robed Prosecutor’s Office, Inspector/Prosecutor, Lieutenant Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court and Prosecutor of the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office.

The Ministry has also announced two places to fill vacancies in Badajoz for civil servants belonging to the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ). In the BOE it is made explicit that the specific positions are those of the director of the Common General Procedural Service and the Common General Service of Execution.