The Council will send it to the different Colleges immediately and these in turn will make the payment to the members



The Ministry of Justice has transferred this Thursday to the General Council of Lawyers 6.6 million euros corresponding to the shift of office of the months of May and June in the so-called common territory.

With this payment, the installments owed by the Ministry of Justice are brought up to date in compliance with the new Free Justice Regulation approved last year, which establishes the monthly payment of the assistance provided through this public service provided by the Bar Associations but must be financed by the competent public administrations. After several months of disagreements due to non-payments, the General Council has shown the Ministry of Justice its desire that this regularization of payments serve to lay the foundations to avoid delays in monthly payments in the future.

In 2021, the Free Legal Assistance service attended to almost two million cases throughout Spain, according to the XVI edition of the Free Justice Observatory made public in the middle of last July. With a cost of only 6 euros per citizen, the Office Shift deserved a rating higher than 7 points out of 10 by those who benefited from this service. Each file generated an average compensation for the professional of 147 euros. There are more than 43,500 legal professionals who voluntarily provide services through the different services of Free Legal Assistance, according to a statement from the CGAE.