Justin Fields tore up the Dolphins in the first NFL game with the Bears, and then said that the game felt a bit slow.

He lashed out at the bill on Saturday and then clarified these comments.

Fields stood in his pocket in the fourth quarter and was hit hard by the Bills linebacker Andre Smith, who rushed in from Fields’ right and knocked him down. In the process, his helmet and headband were damaged. Knocked out. Smith was asked to pass the ball roughly, so the Bears gained yards in the game. Fields stayed in the game.

After the game, Chicago Sun Times reporter Jason Lieser tweeted Clarification of the field. Fields said what he meant was that, compared to the Bears defense, where all the top players are on the court, the game feels slow when the defense allows many key players to rest.

“I don’t want to be arrogant or like I have done it. I have a lot of work to do,” Fields said, according to Lieser.

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In his preseason debut, Fields completed 14 of 20 passes, completed 142 yard pass touchdowns, and also sprinted 4 times for 38 yards and touchdowns. After that performance, Fields says The speed of the game” is actually a bit slow, to be honest.

“I think I expect it to be faster. But practice the game speed and go with my teammates every day. Of course, you know, we have a good defense. So, I fight them every day. This is definitely slowing down for me. Speed ​​up the game,” Fields said after facing Miami“I feel very comfortable there, of course I still have room to grow, so I will try to get better every day.”

On Saturday, Chicago fans were happy to see the rookie signal caller again. Before the game, the cries of “We want Fields” sounded in the stadium, and he received warm applause as soon as he entered the stadium.

Fields was not that sharp against Bill. He shot 9 of 19 for 80 yards and rushed for 46 yards four times.

Despite this, the double-threatening quarterback still used his arms and legs for a wonderful game.

Saturday’s game will not diminish the excitement of Bears fans over Fields, even if they saw Chicago’s last “chartered quarterback” Mitchell Trubiski, who made 20 of 28 shots, 221 yards, and A touchdown was scored under the defense of the Bears. But this may make Fields consider his comments more carefully next time when it comes to game speed.

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