After a year of suspension, the top minor league teams in the country will once again face each other to determine the best team.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 World Junior Baseball Championship was cancelled. It will return in 2022, although no spectators are present, because it has decided that the number of cases is increasing due to delta variants, and the safest thing to do is to leave the stands empty. Due to the pandemic, there will be no international teams in the 2022 game.

Nevertheless, young stars from all over the country will once again have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in order to win the LLWS championship.

Below is all the information about the 2022 Junior League World Series, including the complete TV schedule and updated groups and scores for each game.

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2022 Minor League World Series Bracket


There will be 16 teams participating in the double-elimination tournament. Therefore, those teams that lose in the first round will have a chance to return to the finals. In fact, one team in the final of Hank Allen and Tom Sever will come from the knockout stage, and the other team will win each of the first three games in order to get a chance to reach the final.

After the Aaron and Sever finals, the two winners will advance to the Minor League World Series finals in a winner-takes-all match, while the other two teams will have a consolation match.

You can download the PDF file The complete 2022 Minor League World Series bracket is hereYou can find the schedule and scores of all matches below.

Minor League World Series schedule

The Minor League World Series will begin on August 19 and will last until August 29, when the championship game will be held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This is a complete list of TV programs, including the start time and channel of each game.

Thursday, August 19

game pair Time (ET) channel
1 Hawaii vs. Connecticut 1 pm ESPN
2 Tennessee and Ohio 3 pm ESPN
3 Nebraska vs New Jersey 5 pm ESPN
4 New Hampshire and California 7 p.m. ESPN

Friday, August 20

game pair Time (ET) channel
5 Pennsylvania and Oregon 1 pm ESPN
6 Michigan and Florida 3 pm ESPN
7 Louisiana vs South Dakota 5 pm ESPN
8 Washington vs. Texas 7 p.m. ESPN2

Saturday, August 21

game pair Time (ET) channel
9 Loser 2 and Loser 4 1 pm ESPN
10 Loser 1 and Loser 3 3 pm ABC
11 Loser 6 and Loser 8 18:00 ESPN
12 Loser 5 and Loser 7 eight pm ESPN

Sunday, August 22

game pair Time (ET) channel
13 Winner 2 vs. Winner 4 9 o’clock in the morning ESPN
14 Winner 1 vs. Winner 3 11 o’clock in the morning ESPN
15 Winner 6 vs. Winner 8 1 pm ESPN
16 Winner 5 vs. Winner 7 2 pm ABC

Monday, August 23

game pair Time (ET) channel
17 Loser 15 vs. Winner 10 1 pm ESPN
18 Loser 16 vs. Winner 9 3 pm ESPN
19 Winner 12 vs. Loser 13 5 pm ESPN2
20 Winner 11 vs. Loser 14 7 p.m. ESPN2

Tuesday, August 24

game pair Time (ET) channel
twenty one Winner 18 vs. Winner 19 3 pm ESPN
twenty two Winner 17 vs Winner 20 7:30 p.m. ESPN

Wednesday, August 25

game pair Time (ET) channel
twenty three Winner 13 vs. Winner 16 3pm ESPN
twenty four Winner 14 vs Winner 15 7:30 p.m. ESPN

Thursday, August 26

game pair Time (ET) channel
25 Loser 24 vs. Winner 22 3pm ESPN
26 Loser 23 vs. Winner 21 7 p.m. ESPN

Saturday, August 28

game pair Time (ET) channel
27 Winner 23 vs. Winner 26 12:30 noon ABC
28 Winner 24 vs. Winner 25 3:30 pm ABC

Sunday, August 29

game pair Time (ET) channel
29 (comfort) Loser 27 and Loser 28 10 o’clock in the morning ESPN
30 (final) Winner 27 vs. Winner 28 3 pm ABC

How to watch the Little League World Series

ESPN will broadcast the Little League World Series throughout August, and one of the channels is scheduled to broadcast every game. Most will be broadcast on the main ESPN channel, and a few will be broadcast on ESPN2. Both semi-finals and finals will be played on ABC, and the other two games will also be played on ABC.

Those who wish to broadcast the Little League World Series can do so ESPN+ Or on fuboTV, it provides 7-day free trial.

Minor League World Series teams, roster

The following are the teams participating in the 2022 Junior League World Series. A total of 16 teams participated this year, all from the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international teams that normally compete among the eight teams across the United States were not invited to the 2022 tournament.

Hank Aaron Championship Team

state team Place
Hawaii Honolulu Minor League Honolulu, Hawaii
Nebraska Hastings Minor League Baseball Hastings, Nebraska.
Michigan Taylor North Minor League Tyler, me.
Washington East Lake Little League Samamis, watts.
Connecticut Manchester Minor League Manchester, Connecticut
New Jersey Toms River East Minor League Toms River, New Jersey
Florida Martin County Northern Minor League Palm City, Florida
Texas Wiley Minor League Abilene, Texas

Tom Silver Championship Team

state team Place
Tennessee Norrenceville Minor League Norrenceville, Tennessee
New Hampshire North Manchester-Hookset Junior League Hookset, New Hampshire
Pennsylvania Major Upper Providence Oaks, Pennsylvania
Louisiana Lafayette Minor League Lafayette, Los Angeles.
Ohio West Side Minor League Hamilton, Ohio
California Torrance Minor League Torrance, California
Oregon Lake Oswego Minor League Lake Oswego, Oregon.
South Dakota Sioux Falls Minor League Sioux Falls, SD


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