kavia james league wade Not being nicknamed Shady Baby for no reason. The three-year-old has one of the most expressive and endearing faces, and has no problem telling the world what she thinks. It’s always nice to see Kavia interacting with her mom, Gabriel Union, because those moments are usually comedic and very cute. The duo’s latest video just shows their precious bond, as Kaavia candidly commented on the textured wig her mother wore.

On April 27, Kaavia’s parents posted a video of the mother-daughter duo, making the toddler’s nearly 2 million Instagram followers laugh. In the video, Union holds Kaavia and plays with her mother’s curly hair. As she stroked her mom’s hair, she said in her cute little voice, “Mom, I love your hair.” Union responded by asking if she thought her hair looked different, to which Kaavia responded immediately: “No.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Then Union asked, “Oh, do you like it? It doesn’t look the same?” At first, it was a bit difficult to hear her mom’s new hair look, but then Union clarified, “Oh, the wig hair. It looks like Wig hair.” Kaavia continued to play with her mother’s hair, acting as if she hadn’t accidentally told her that her hair looked like a wig. All she said was, “My mom has hair. Look at my mom,” Union responded with a smile. The short video ends with Union asking her daughter to say the word “texture” that Kaavia did, and it sounded so cute in her little voice.

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