In case you missed it, the eyebrows are now colorful and ever-changing works of art. Ask Lizzo, who has dyed eyebrows recently Blonde, Pink and purple, or TikTok creator Megs Cahill, who popularized Disco eyebrows On BeautyTok.Now it looks like a singer-songwriter Casey Musgraves By adding some jewelry to her eyebrows, she can take her eyebrows to the next level.

On Monday, August 23, Musgraves made her debut in a video she posted to Instagram, and her new jeweled eyebrows are more than just any video. This is a trailer for her new music video “Interstellar: The Movie”. In the first few seconds of the video, the silver jewellery seemed to be in harmony with the white wedding dress she was wearing.

The makeup artist behind these jewelry Eyebrow Unknown, because Musgraves did not mark the makeup artist. However, it is safe to say that the artist behind these eyebrows may have received some guidance from TikTok’s disco eyebrows and celebrities who dye their eyebrows in mixed colors.

We have been anxiously waiting for Musgraves to release some new music, and it seems we don’t have to wait too long. Her new album (and music video), Interstellar, Friday, September 10th. Once it drops, we will be in the best beautiful moment of the music video, of course.

Until then, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to Musgraves and her gorgeous team for making her new music look as beautiful as ever.If you want to guide your inner Spacey Kacey and add some charm to your eyebrows, be sure to check out the biggest (we dare say) boldest this fall Eyebrow trends.

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