Dozens of cases are related to karaoke lounges, which should only open food and beverages.

Over the past few months, Singapore has managed to contain COVID-19 in most parts of the community. The report stated that domestic transmission cases have seen the largest increase in 10 months since the outbreak of the karaoke hall (KTV). Operated as a restaurant.

The Ministry of Health said the country reported 56 cases on Wednesday, 42 of which were related to the karaoke cluster.

According to local media reports, the first known case was a Vietnamese woman who sought medical help on Sunday. Free COVID-19 tests have been provided to anyone who may have been in contact.

Health Minister Wang Yikang earlier warned the police that they would take action against offenders.

According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, he told local media: “Any outlets that provide hostess services, dice games and all these very close contacts are not allowed.”

“So it is disturbing (and) disappointing that this is happening now.”

The Singapore police said in a statement that they arrested 20 women suspected of engaging in pornographic activities in KTV lounges late Wednesday, including Koreans, Malaysians, Thais and Vietnamese. According to the “Today”, the three operators of the lounge were under investigation for violating the coronavirus isolation rules, but the arrest has nothing to do with the karaoke group.

Ong said that there are no plans to reverse the recent relaxation of restrictions due to the infection group, citing advances in vaccination.

There was also a cruise ship passenger among the infected, who was taken to the hospital on Wednesday. Nearly 3,000 passengers and crew members were confined in their cabins, waiting for the test results of the case.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Singapore was hit hard last year Crowded dormitory Thousands of foreign workers in the city live there, but have responded quickly to most of the subsequent outbreaks. In May, it implemented specific restrictions designed to slow the spread of Delta variants.

Its goal is to complete the vaccination of two-thirds of the population by August 9th, the national day of the country.


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