Caleb Smith said he was not a liar, but the left-hander of the Diamondbacks realized that after being expelled after checking his gloves on Wednesday night, people would not believe him.

Smith was eliminated because he found two black, sticky spots on the inside of his glove after finishing the eighth game against the Phillies. Smith told reporters that these spots are caused by dirt. Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo told reporters that Smith told him that the spots were “caused by the rosin bag.”

“If I cheated, I will admit it. But I think they said I cheated, and just doing so dragged my name into the quagmire,” Smith said on a Zoom conference call with reporters after the game. “So even if my gloves come back [from MLB inspection after umpires confiscated it Wednesday] They said I did not cheat, I mean, this is already there. People will just go with the flow. They just dragged my name in the mud. “

He called the sticky substance umps found on the glove “bull-because there was nothing on it.”

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“I’m not stupid. I know that the two main things they check are your gloves and hat. If I use something that I don’t use, I won’t put it in my gloves or hat. That’s just ignorance, “He said.

Smith will face an unpaid suspension of 10 games in Major League Baseball, and the Diamondbacks will not be able to replace him on the list of 26 players he is absent from. He will be the second pitcher to be penalized; the Mariners left-hander Hector Santiago was suspended after being expelled on June 26.

These bans are part of Major League Baseball’s attempt to discourage pitchers from using sticky substances to improve their grip and pitch speed.

“In my opinion, there is nothing in his hand that allows him to manipulate baseball,” Lovullo said, according to MLB.com.

San Diego and Smith had one thing in common in the expulsion event: the referee. Phil Cuzzi, Tom Hallion, Mark Ripperger and Cory Blaser participated in these two games. Cuzzi expelled Santiago, and Halion expelled Smith.

“His glove has a blue leather lining on the inside, so it’s very eye-catching,” According to MLB.com, the crew chief Halion said“There are two dark areas-I call them the darker area of ​​the glove-one on the left side and one on the right side of the heel. We touched them and walked around the glove a bit to see if there were other Where there is anything. So there are two places [seemed like] A sticky foreign body. “

Smith said his gloves were no different when they were inspected without an accident in the first two innings. According to MLB.com, Cuzzi conducted inspections and Hallion conducted inspections before being expelled. With D-backs winning 4-2, Smith pitched 2 2/3 innings to relieve the pressure on starter Humberto Castellanos.

Santiago said after being expelled that rosin and sweat caused his gloves to stick. According to the batting guidelines, no rosin should be stained on the hands of the pitchers’ gloves.


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