The most important thing about Kailin Acosta’s performance for the US men’s national team in the opening of the Gold Cup victory over Haiti is that it happened.

Wearing the American football team badge has recently become part of Acosta’s daily life, but not recently. He participated in the CONCACAF National League competition and this competition last month. This is his first continuous participation in USMNT in three years.

In a game on Sunday, in addition to left back Sam Vines’ goal in the 8th minute, Shaq Moore’s speed on the right sideline, young Miles Robinson’s defensive composure and three-pointers, There was hardly any result in a game that excited the insiders of the team-Acosta’s energy and courage showed up in the entire 90 minutes.

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Head coach Greg Berhalt told reporters after the game: “I missed the urgency of scoring and became dangerous…and aggressive.” “For me, it was too slow. Too backward, and there is not enough intention to make Haiti turn around and let them defend in the penalty area.

“So from the offensive end, we are disappointed with the intentions shown tonight.”

In all this, Acosta is one of the few people who are basically blameless. He participated in the game’s only goal and covered the earth like Sherwin Williams.

Twenty minutes later, he actively chased a loose ball with the top of his head, putting his consciousness in danger. Before halftime, he rushed to the sideline and slammed the ball into the crowd, which prevented the Haitian team from advancing strongly. Before the intermission, he played an excellent forward ball to deputy winger Nicholas Gioacchini, which resulted in a corner kick.

The second half is the same: retreat in time in the 49th minute, interrupting a Haitian pass that may have developed into a goal in the US penalty area; a lovely pass from the outside of his boots, Gioacchini almost became the second Scored a goal, but knocked down the far post; and, even though it was given a yellow card, in order to ensure that Haiti did not enter the open position in the 70th minute, an aggressive open tackle was executed.

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Moore was named the best player in American football because he was dazzled. However, the United States won because Acosta was the most active and effective in making Vince’s goal a firm foothold. On Twitter, American Soccer Now’s football reporter Brian Sciaretta and Soccer By Ives’ Ives Galarcep called him one of the best USMNT players of the night.

If this situation continues until the second group match that continues on Thursday, against Martinique, and ends in the championship game on August 1, Acosta will win a place in the more important World Cup qualifiers. It began to flow in September and did not weaken until March.

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Acosta did not start as a defensive midfielder in this game; this role belongs to Jackson Yule of San Jose. But Acosta may do better in this regard.

In the National League final against Mexico, he has performed well in multiple roles and even moved to the left back late in the game to help consolidate the defense in the field. This is just another step in the comeback, and may never need to come back.

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Acosta, originally from Plano, a suburb of Dallas, had 23 appearances before his 22nd birthday, including 4 starts in the 2017 Gold Cup and a 1-1 draw with the World Cup at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico 90 minutes in the qualifiers. He only played in the last 18 minutes of the disastrous World Cup qualifier loss to Trinidad and Tobago, which prevented the United States from participating in the 2018 Russia game, but he almost used the shot of teammate Clint Dempsey. The ball saved the game.

He participated in six friendly matches and started four games in 2018, when Dave Sarachan (Dave Sarachan) temporarily coached the team, but with the plan and its fans against including Weston McKenney Fascinated by the new midfield options including Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams, Acosta disappeared from the scene. He played 30 times for the Colorado Rapids in 2019, but not once for the United States.

Four years ago, when Acosta was 21 years old and was selected for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game as a member of Dallas FC, his future seemed bright. He played 45 minutes in the 1-1 draw with Real Madrid at the Chicago Soldiers Stadium. The possibility of a transfer to Europe was so openly discussed that the technical director of Dallas also publicly stated that he expected this to happen in Acosta.

Instead, a year later, he was traded to the Colorado Rapids, where it was as close as possible to the bottom of the MLS. In the process of fighting a groin injury, Acosta gradually disappeared from the radar of American football. However, he is still only 25 years old. He hopes that moving to Europe can revive his career and that his role in USMNT can help send all relevant personnel to Qatar in November 2022.


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