During the pandemic, “learning loss” is often discussed in K-12 education—that is, students failing to keep track of what they used to be. We hear very little in higher education, even though students and faculty members all stated that they think students learned less than usual in the last year.

In this week’s episode of The Key, we discussed the problems that most colleges and universities that are preparing to welcome students back to the classroom will face this fall, and how professors and faculty who work with students might understand which students have been assigned it is good. ????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? How to return, and how to get them back on track.

Us and Natasha Yankowski, Former executive director of the National Institute for Learning Outcome Evaluation, current student learning consultant and lecturer at New England College, and Erica R. Williams, Associate Provost for Academic Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness, Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina.

Hosted by Doug Lederman, co-founder and editor of Inside Higher Ed.

The key to this episode is sponsorship blackboard.


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