Kohler Kardashian Not much will change in the hairstyling department. Socialites tend to stick to long, straight or slightly wavy styles, usually brown or gold. But on August 13, she gave her 174 million and countless fans a look to see what her natural hair texture looks like.

Kardashian’s loose curls are fully displayed in this Instagram carousel, which contains four photos and two short videos. In the title of the merry-go-round, she asked the audience to be friendly in the comments. The title reads, “I rarely wear my natural hair texture. It feels a bit cute (please don’t spoil this feeling).” The texture in question is a mix of loose, prominent waves and curls reaching her shoulders.Each photo shows her shaggy hair and different angles of lavender Seamless contour sports bra and leggings She wore Lapp, a sports and leisure brand owned by Black.

This curly hair style is absolutely different for Kardashian, and we love every moment of it.For those who are familiar with hair typing, her honey blonde protruding hair seems to belong to the 2C/3A area (if you are completely confused, here is one Information Guide Give you. ) Her shoulder-length curls are a welcome variation of her usual waist style.

Honestly, we’re not sure if Kardashian added some Curl-friendly product To her hair, or if she just washed her hair, then continue her day. But we would love to learn more about her daily work and hope to understand her entire journey, especially if she continues to curl her hair. In January 2020, she shared her Blonde hair extension in the closet, So who knows if she has another closet dedicated to curl-friendly products. Maybe next time we can get a mini tutorial on her laundry program.

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