That An interesting sibling test drive service has just been announced.Instead of you Dealer In order to test the car, Kia plans to send the car to your home.That is, as long as you live in one of a group of cities and are interested in any of the following cities Kia Carnival Either Nero electric car.

In short, a Kia representative will take the vehicle to the location of your choice, give you a detailed introduction to the vehicle, and then you can test drive. Kia said that in general, it should take up about an hour of your day. Kia calls this service “[email protected]”.

If you are interested in using it to test drive carnival Either Nero electric car, Kia said the following cities will provide it: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City subway, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington DC If you are only interested in carnivals, your options include Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Orlando, Phoenix and Tampa.

Kia stated that if you finally want to buy one of these cars after driving, you must cooperate with your local Kia Dealer Let it happen. So no, dealer experience is not completely removed from the equation here, but at least part of it is. Carnivals and Niro EV reservations in these cities can now be scheduled until October 3. After that date, Kia did not specify the content of the plan, but we suspect that if it succeeds, it will continue.

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