We have good news today from That For anyone who wants Sorento PHEV Will enter the U.S. It is officially here as a 2022 model!

Kia was very stingy with U.S. market information. At that time Sorento PHEV was announced in Europe, but declined to comment on the possibility of it coming here.We think there is an opportunity to announce it for consumption in the U.S. Our original post, And this prediction has come true today. Just like the Sorento plug-in in Europe, our version will generate 261 horsepower with its 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and electric motor. The six-speed automatic transmission will handle shifting tasks, and it is standard for all-wheel drive.

As for electrical, Kia says it has 13.8 kWh Battery box. The all-electric cruising range claimed by Kia is estimated to be 32 miles, but this is not the number officially tested by the EPA. We have to wait for official data before making specific comparisons, but if Kia can drive it to 32 miles, it will be an impressive number. Relying on the comprehensive strength of batteries and gasoline reserves, Kia said that the car’s total cruising range is about 460 miles.

That big battery pack also has tax incentives.Kia stated that the Sorento PHEV will be eligible for a federal tax credit of US$6,587, which is Plug-in hybridTha said that the actual price of PHEV has not yet been announced. It is expected to be higher because PHEV will only be available in Kia’s higher SX and SX-P trim levels.This also means three rows cross The second row of captain’s chairs will be standard, and there will be no benches. Kia is currently retaining potential shortcomings, such as smaller cargo capacity, so we don’t know if/what penalties will be imposed for adding a huge battery.

As for when the Sorento PHEV can be purchased, Kia stated that it plans to start getting vehicles to the showroom in the third quarter of this year. The detailed pricing is to arrive faster before the car arrives.

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