Kia’s British division became a Soul electric car Enter the surfer-friendly beach gear called Boardmasters Edition. As a one-off concept car, the hatchback started life as a pre-production car that should have been shattered.

One of the most obvious modifications is a set of 16-inch wheels wrapped in Maxxis Bighorn sand tires, the same as the cars participating in the rally. Although this sounds relatively simple, it is very complicated to fit 30-inch wheels under a city-sized hatchback. Kia must redesign the front foot well. It also adds a three-inch suspension lift, and many other changes. All said, soul The ground clearance is approximately 12.4 inches.

It’s not just the jack-up suspension that makes the Boardmasters Edition higher Standard soul. Kia installed a custom tubular roof rack on it to fix surfboards, and added a solar panel to charge some car accessories, such as refrigerators.Sliding behind the steering wheel, the Boardmasters Edition looks like an ordinary soul.

Looking behind you, you will notice that the back benches have been replaced by wooden decks. Expanding the size of Soul’s trunk also allows Kia to install folding benches and swing arms for hanging towels and wetsuits to dry.

No changes to the drive system Soul electric car, Which means it is powered by a 201-horsepower electric motor connected to a 64-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery Battery box. There is no news about the impact of giant tires on cruising range.

Kia will showcase the Soul EV Boardmasters Edition at the 2022 Boardmasters Surfing and Music Festival in Cornwall this week (August 11-15). At the time of writing, there is no indication that the EV will produce a production model.

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