This Chicago Auto Show Is the first show Kia EV6 It has been shown to the public for viewing and it is very impressive.But it makes us want to know another that Electric vehicles announced a few years ago but have not yet appeared in the United States: Kia Soul EVWe talked with Kia representatives and he had no good news.

Obviously Soul electric car Won’t be available in the U.S. it was delayed Partly because of supply issues, It is reported that the company Will not bring the next generation version, here, But apparently even the current U.S. representative has officially died. The representative said that Kia is making Nero electric car Small electric cross Focus on the United States. Part of the reason is that its slightly larger size and more traditional cross-border appearance make sense for the US market.

On the other hand, Soul EV will become the main small electric vehicle sold in Europe. The reason is basically the opposite. Its stylish appearance and more hatchback-like shape are more suitable for the area.

Therefore, if you want a stylish electric box in the United States, you will have to go shopping elsewhere.We can suggest To Mini Cooper SE?

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