Only in May 2021 Courtney Kardashian Confessed her love to her boyfriend Travis Barker go through Tattoos The words “I love you” were attached to his arm. Recently, Buck seems to respond to the romantic gesture by giving Kardashian a haircut (or twice). On August 4, she shared a photo of herself sitting on the bathroom floor on Instagram, with her hair a few inches from her shoulder, and then a photo of her hair on the floor. More than a week later, on Saturday, August 14th, Kardashian shared a slide show showing four mirror selfies with brand new hairstyles: Short bob.

Many fans of the reality TV star are in awe of Kourt’s new hair just below his chin. Buck even added a sentence in the comment, saying: “You are perfect.” Kardashian seemed to tease her fans about her new hairstyle with the photo she posted to her Instagram story on Friday, August 13th. Debut. This photo shows some scissors next to a pile of Kourt’s hair.In fact, she also tagged celebrity hair stylist Peter Savage In the post, it is indicated that another pair of scissors (except Buck’s) is behind her hair modification.


We are not sure what caused this sudden change. Maybe the United States has experienced unusually hot temperatures all summer? Either way, Kardashian is not the only celebrity who has chosen Bob recently.Earlier this year, model Kaia Gerber and singer Jessie Decided to change it by getting their own rendition of Bob. Regardless of the situation, Kardashian looks as charming as ever. Welcome to the Bob Club, Court.

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