Somewhere, in another universe, Matthew Stafford is 49ers from San Francisco.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said the same thing in a recent podcast with Rams coach Sean McVeigh and NFL insider Peter Schrager.

In the most recent episode Ringer’s “Flight Instructor” podcastShanahan explained how close the 49ers did for the former Lions quarterback the night he landed in the Rams uniform.

You don’t want me to start, man. That’s frustrating. I’m actually in Capo and I’m watching it all. I have never studied Stafford so seriously. I remember reading it carefully, and everyone told me it was a possibility. Stafford is a man. I studied him very hard after graduating from university. We often played against him, so you know how great he is. But know that he might be free, and then spend two weeks really watching him, Sean? Yes it is. He is better than I realized. He is that person, he is underestimated by me. …

I tried to get involved. People who know the situation-I’m talking with (Tom) Condon and everyone to understand when it happened. I remember Saturday, I was under a lot of pressure, and finally we chatted with someone around 7pm and they said, “No, it will be tomorrow at the earliest. So you can finish your night.” So I thought, “Okay, I It’s done.” Put down the phone and talk to Mandy, “Let’s go out to eat and have a drink.”

Half an hour later, a friend of mine called me and he said, “I’m just telling you, if you want Stafford, you need to catch him now.” I thought, “What do you mean? We just talked to People have talked about it, I can sleep with this, we will talk to them tomorrow.” “I just told you, you need to talk to him now.” I know, I turned on the phone, everything is over. This is not fun.

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Coincidentally, Shanahan was in Cabo, Mexico, at the same time as Stafford and McVeigh, further describing the close relationship between Stafford and Shanahan. McVeigh joked that Shanahan and Stafford lived in different hotels, thank goodness. Shanahan said this would create an “embarrassing” situation.

The 49ers are looking for upgrade opportunities in the quarterback market this offseason, and some rumors link them to Aaron Rogers. Obviously, this has not been achieved either.

Nonetheless, everything is fine: San Francisco later ranked third in the 2021 NFL Draft, choosing quarterback Trey Lance as their future passer. Jimmy Garoppolo is still on the 49ers roster, but during his tenure in San Francisco, the sand may become thinner.

Nonetheless, Shanahan sounded like he really wished he could book another hotel. Now, he no longer sees Stafford on the sidelines, but sees him twice a year.


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