According to Spanish reports, if you think Lionel Messi’s joining Paris Saint-Germain will not be surpassed in this summer’s transfer window, then in the last two weeks before the transfer deadline on August 31, maybe There will still be one or two surprises. .

Rumors indicate that Kylian Mbappé, who is still one year away from the Paris Saint-Germain contract, has asked to meet with the club president to discuss his future. According to reports, he will eventually move to Real Madrid, either this summer or next year.

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If Mbappé focuses on joining Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain does not transfer him this summer, then the club may lose him for free after the contract expires in June 2022 next year. This may be the price the club is willing to pay for this 22-year-old player to help Messi and Neymar lead the club to this year’s first UEFA Champions League trophy. But Paris Saint-Germain can also use any cash from the proposed transfer to replace him, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s name has appeared in the past 24 hours.

Despite reports that Mbappé and Real Madrid have reached an agreement Surfaced early in the summer, All of Mbappé’s recent chatter on Real Madrid came from Spain. However, these reports have not been confirmed by major French media.

The Spanish sports daily “Marca” published Mbappé on the cover of Monday, with the headline “Final effort: This week’s potential signing of Mbappé with Real Madrid has entered a decisive stage.”

Will Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid happen?

Real Madrid’s financial challenges due to the pandemic and Paris Saint-Germain’s financial strength and the lack of urgency to sell one of its best players together make this difficult to detect. But losing a valuable player in vain next year may be a situation that even a wealthy club like Paris Saint-Germain cannot bear.

The provision of oxygen for rumors are two incidents that have occurred in Paris in recent days. First of all, in the club’s first home game this year, when his name and number appeared on the video screen, Mbappé was mocked by Paris Saint-Germain fans in his hometown:

Then, at Ander Herrera’s birthday party, Mbappe was obviously absent. The photos of the party were all the stars of the club:

Although there is no news about Mbappé’s camp and Real Madrid has been very quiet, but in Messi’s speech last week, Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser Hleife was confident that Mbappé would stay in his hometown club.

“I think everyone knows Kylian’s future,” Al-Khelaifi said. “He is a very competitive player. He wants to win and win trophies. He has said publicly. He wants a competitive team and I think we have the most competitive team in the world. Right now. He has no excuses. He can’t do anything but stay.”

Mbappé, who won the 2018 World Cup with the French team, has been an important player of Paris Saint-Germain since he came on loan from Monaco in 2017 and transferred permanently a year later. He scored 92 goals for Paris Saint-Germain in 109 Ligue 1 games and 21 goals in 36 Champions League games.

Paris Saint-Germain acquired Mbappé from Monaco in a transfer transaction and reportedly spent more than $200 million, including surcharges and bonuses.The club will face a loss if Real Madrid’s proposed transfer fee It is believed that 140 million US dollars.

Ronaldo replaces Mbappé?

Although the loss of Mbappé will be seen as a blow to Paris Saint-Germain’s hopes for this year’s Champions League, letting a young world superstar turn his back on his hometown team will also damage the team’s reputation.

However, if the proposed back-up action becomes a reality, PSG can quickly reverse the situation. Reports earlier on Monday indicated that if Paris Saint-Germain accepts Real Madrid’s cash, it will turn around to buy Ronaldo from Juventus. Considering its own financial problems and the three-year defeat with Ronaldo in the Champions League, the club may not be totally opposed to letting the superstar leave.

Letting Ronaldo and Messi play on the same team is a must-watch TV show, but French journalist Loic Tanzi poured cold water on this situation. He said, “Today Ronaldo is not [PSG] This summer”, adding that the club does not want to move to Mbappé.

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