September 8, Kylie Jenner It was confirmed that she and Travis Scott were pregnant with baby number two. Stormi will have a sibling soon! The next day, September 9, in New York, the mother-to-be was photographed completely white, which proved that she would not give up her fashion style throughout her pregnancy.After all this is a woman Announcing pregnancy Wearing a crop top.

Seeing Jenner keep her first pregnancy a secret, this is the first time we truly understand Jenner’s public maternity dress style, and it did not disappoint. Her vampire white leather dress with a deep V neckline is tight, accentuating her growing bumps.She paired it with a white leather trench coat, Balenciaga handbag, patent leather Gianvito Rossi heels and sporty silver tones matrix Atmosphere (very Monica Bellucci she). Of course, her makeup still maintains her iconic style, cat eyes with a hint of neutral tones, soft blush and shiny nude lips.

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Jenner was found shortly after wearing it on the same day Similar makeup and a bold new “fit” An orange leather trench coat is draped over a cropped T-shirt and charcoal gray jeans. In general, these two styles have proved to be the continuation of the high fashion and futuristic atmosphere pursued by Jenner’s personal style. Hope that in the next few months, her appearance will only become bolder-better.

This story originally appeared in Fashion Net.

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