Russell Westbrook says he has never had an argument with either coach since Frank Vogel was fired.
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Russell Westbrook No hesitation in kicking frank vogel dirty The latter was later fired as the Lakers head coach.

“Honestly, I think it’s unfortunate because I’ve never had a problem with any coaches before,” Westbrook said Monday. “I’m not sure what was wrong with him and I, or I’m not sure why, but I can’t really answer why we never really got in touch.”

Russ’ comments were as forgotten as his game last season.

Now, in order to play Russ the way it has done over the past few seasons, it has to have some degree of blindness to the world. If you’re going to do everything simply by yourself, even if you can’t shoot and pile up stats like a hoarder, either for it or because you think it’s the best way, you probably won’t care too much about other people ideas or how anything else fits. After all, you are the sun and the moon.

Russ can say he’s never had a problem with the coach, but given the speed at which he’s been kicked out of Houston and Washington, D.C., there’s clearly someone unhappy. The biggest problem for Russ is living in a bubble world where he’s already convinced he’s the North Star, and you probably won’t notice when you can’t do it anymore because of age or fit into the team.

Russ is a perfect fit for the Lakers, where he’s done most of the time off the ball, which doesn’t make sense when Russ can’t shoot.His cap hits affect the depth of the Lakers, which is always on display considering they always have scenarios where a handful of players look at least like that gone With the Wind Most nights. The beacon style of Russ he chose in Oklahoma City following Kevin Durant’s departure has undoubtedly resulted in jaw-dropping numbers and performances, but it also means that the Thunder are rarely worth a shot. Paired with other stars in Houston, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, these teams aren’t much of a shit either.

Russ had to put up a wall to block the view of anything but him. Everything is falling apart now, but he will most likely never see the scenery.