Mom knows best.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is expected to get a huge payday from Baltimore, because the former league MVP and the Ravens are discussing a contract extension, which will lock him in the starting QB job in Baltimore for a long time.

But Jackson, who did not hire an agent, is getting help from an unusual way: his mother.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Jackson’s mother and “manager” Felicia Jones is helping to advance Jackson’s contract extension with the Ravens.Jones plays the role of Jackson In fact The agent in the past helped him sign the dotted line in his rookie year, and now, it is probably to let him renew.

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“It’s a little different for Lamar Jackson. His mom played his business partner, his business manager, everyone went crazy during the pre-selection process, he was still in the first round and somehow was still able to negotiate his rookie deal. , Not a lot of negotiations,” Rapoport said. …

“Lamar saw the same eyebrows from the agents and the players because his mother was doing this. It was stressful and incredibly difficult. The stakes were very high because if you lock yourself up for a bad deal, It may lose tens of millions of dollars.”

The stakes are now slightly higher than when Jackson was ranked 32nd in the 2018 NFL Draft: He then signed a four-year, $9.5 million contract with the Ravens. Now, the 2019 NFL MVP is seeking to obtain one of the largest contracts in league history.

The NFL agent’s player salary does not exceed 3%, which means that Jackson may save a little money on any contract he signs with his mother to help him. He is very likely to hope to land somewhere in the Patrick Mahomes-Dak Prescott area, which costs between US$40 and 45 million per year. Assuming he gets a six-year extension, this might save about $7 million.

Self-reports during contract extensions are rare in sports, especially the NFL. Cornerback Richard Sherman negotiated for himself a deal that was considered bad when signing a contract with the 49ers. In hindsight, this deal was a success for him and the team.

Hope Jackson and his mother get similar results as they move forward.

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