Lance Lynn was deported during the foreign body inspection, but not because of the foreign body.

After four innings, Lynn was eliminated from the game between the White Sox and Team A on Wednesday. The Chicago starter was checked after the fourth quarter and threw his belt from the dugout to third base referee Nick Lenz.

Through the A on your NBC Sports Twitter account, you can see the belt flying in the lower left corner of this video.

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Lentz wasted a little time after throwing the belt, and Lynn yelled at the referee as he left the dugout.

Linn blamed Lentz for the whole thing because Lentz didn’t start the inspection on time.

“I came down from the mound and he came back late, so I left my gloves and hat on the railing of the air-raid shelter, and then when I tried to see the trainer in the air-raid shelter, because I was dealing with something, he charged me Yelled that he needed to look at my belt. So I threw it away, and then he threw me out, “Lynn Said after the White Sox won 3-2“I’m trying to finish some work to get back to the fifth game. Obviously I hurt his feelings.

“He threw me out because I threw my belt. I said,’Well, if you get there on time, we won’t have this problem. I’m already in the air-raid shelter,'” Lynn added that according to The Athletic (Subscription required).

Before exiting, Lynn-leading the American League with a 2.26 ERA-while throwing 88 pitches, allowed one run, three hits and three walks in four innings. The left-handed Garrett crocheted him to a sigh of relief.

Lynn played 281 MLB games in 10 seasons and was not expelled before he broke out. It is unclear what exactly caused him to feel frustrated on Wednesday.


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