Land Rover is reinventing. This English home is going through a thrilling time due to certain events that complicate its life.Some are their own, like Marath’s thoughts Give the green light to models who somehow don’t like the public. Other external ones that you have no control over. The chip crisis and everything related to the invasion of Ukraine is taking its toll. Still, Tata Motors trusted her…

So, taking advantage of the electrification of the industry, they are developing a range of new models.The axis of their concentration revolves around New modular MLA platform Debut Range Rover Sport.From there they will create a more exclusive and luxurious collection in which Land Rover DiscoveryNot only that, but this model will also change the way you attract more customers. Will you be one of them?

The new Land Rover Discovery is going to be even more unique, and the Sport may disappear from the range…

Land Rover Discovery Metropolis

As you know, The Land Rover Discovery range is divided into two. On the one hand a discovery of a lifetime, on the other a “dynamic” sports version.Well, it seems that the brand has found a need for the first Grow and deliver greater luxury and excellence. However, the creative and engineering teams don’t want to be blind, so they’re working on what might be the solution to avoid cannibalism in that range.

according to Statement by Thierry PoloretCEO de Land Rover, Auto Express…

We’re completely revamping Discovery. We think it has a space, but we have to be creative. Defender was so successful that it ate up part of Discovery’s territory. Defender is a brand. We think Discovery can also be a brand. We’re seeing how we show our future lineup and that’s what we think”

We need to make real family cars for the most demanding families. Discovery must and should play this role, or it may disappear from the market, at least in luxury. Discovery will be that car. “

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Land Rover completes Discovery range with Metropolitan version

However, the discovery range may be reduced. Obviously, The sports version may disappear To make his new brother “more comfortable”. His future remains unclear, at least from what Bolloré says about Auto Express.All in all, this new discovery will be one of the most complete in history because in scope There will be no shortage of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric versions. Even an extended combat version.

Still, if Land Rover’s plans go according to plan, New Discovery will see light in 2025. So we will have to pay very close attention to possible news from the British company. The remaining questions are as follows. If the Discovery gets more luxurious, what happens to the lower end of the range? Every now and then, right…?

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