The 2022-22 NBA regular season has not yet started Until October 19, But LeBron James already has all the motivation he needs.

With the completion of most of the main business of the NBA offseason, Tim Bontemps of ESPN Ten scouts and league executives were contacted to review the best, worst and most surprising moves of the past few weeks. Bontemps also posed an interesting question to the panel: Who is the best NBA player to enter the 2022-22 season?

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The winner is… wait, it’s a tie! Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant each received 5 votes. It is easy to understand why both players are so highly rated. Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to their first championship in half a century and won the NBA Finals MVP trophy all the way. Durant looks very much like the old KD in the NBA playoffs, and then led the US men’s basketball team to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The result is remarkable not only because of the split, but also because of who is missing. James didn’t win a vote-yes, the Lakers star must have noticed. Guys, the story of “The Baptized King” is back.

(Here is some important background: Bontemps pointed out that the person under investigation mentioned James and stated that “it is clear that all three stars are at the same level at this time.” Scouts and executives still consider James to be the top three players. In the league, it’s just not necessarily the first.)

James has encountered this situation before. When Bontemps asked In 2019, 20 coaches, scouts and executives asked the same question. Kawhi Leonard (12), Antetokounmpo (6) and James Harden (2) were the only players with votes. James continued to win the NBA championship in the Florida “bubble” next season. He was the most popular name at the time. 2020 offseason survey. Win everything, get votes-seems to be a very simple formula.

James may not be satisfied with the final numbers, but Lakers fans should be happy. Getting a positive LeBron last time worked well for them.


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