Lefebvre’s Auditsoft software makes it easy to implement any audit process because it increases productivity, automates all processes and increases profitability.

Lefebvre, leading provider of information and legal solutions, organizes the Audit Conference 2022 to be held on September 21 in virtual format, with the aim of analyzing all the regulatory developments that will affect the audit process from next year and show in a way practice how to carry out the different processes with the software auditsoft.

Lefebvre has brought together in this training session with the possibility of certification by the ICAC leading experts in the field who will detail how to implement the new processes seeking productivity, what are the accounting developments that affect the accounts auditor and how to deal with them in a solvent manner, as well as the keys to planning each risk approach safely and effectively.

Among these experts are Gregorio Labatut Serer, Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia; Cristina Vidal Retave, deputy deputy director of ICAC Technical Control; Roman Redondo Sanchez, head of the ICAC Auditing Technical Standards Area; Luis Miguel Rodriguez Alcocer, Head of the ICAC Auditing Technical Standards Area, Y Julio Sainz Gascon, partner at GramAudit.

The conference offers the keys so that auditors can productively apply the latest innovations in the audit process that will be in force as of the year 2023. This practical application is possible thanks to the use of auditsoft, a software that allows to automate all processes to increase the profitability of audit professionals.

Lefebvre’s solution offers the “cloud” synchronization option to work directly in the cloud, although it is possible to work locally or on the office server. This work tool is structured according to the NIAS and the risk approach, which allows access to automatically generated work programs. auditsoft It includes an Automated Planning Module, a dashboard for the management and control of intelligent work and uploads accounting information in a simple way, transforming document management into agile and intelligent and generating savings in time and reliability.

The Audit Day 2022 It will take place on September 21 in the morning and allows attendees to choose between two modalities: with and without certification from the ICAC (Accounting and Auditing Institute). Professionals in the sector have a unique opportunity to find out about the most important regulatory developments in the audit process and to find out how to save time and gain security when carrying out any of the processes with a software audit.

Date: September 21

Hours: 10:00-14:00

Format: online