Leon Black forcibly denied his allegations that he had raped and harassed a young Russian model, referred to the woman’s suit as a “fictional work,” and argued that text messages and recordings showed him “become a criminal extortion scheme” Victims”.

The billionaire’s lawyer dismissed the accusation of Guzel Ganieva as a “fabler”. They asked the court to strike on the “shameful” and “biased” parts of her complaint, including claiming that he “got happiness” from humiliating and belittling her, and that he didn’t care about “going out with other young women, often of Russian descent” .

The response marks Black’s recent efforts to contain as a result of Outside of Apollo Global Management, a US$455 billion investment group he co-founded in 1990, he has received a series of accusations surrounding his personal life and business interests.

Black Step down In March, all his positions at Apollo were revealed, and a few weeks later Pay the deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein spent $158 million in financial consulting and other professional services.

Ganeva filed a lawsuit in June, claiming that Black had committed “forced sexual abuse” to her before ordering her to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and declared: “If you don’t take the money, I will put you in jail.”

In a document submitted to the New York State Supreme Court on Monday, Black’s lawyers revealed the existence of recordings, which they said told “a surprisingly different story”-and proved that the billionaire never said these things.

Black’s lawyer said that he met Ganeva “at a private gathering held each year by a former colleague” and began a “casual, accidental and completely voluntary” relationship.

“Ganieva clearly saw a golden ticket,” Black’s lawyer wrote. “She repeatedly asked for an expensive apartment for rent in the Upper East Side… A luxury car; extravagant vacations… School tuition (performance and Columbia University); jewelry and clothing; a Steinway piano; A commissioned portrait of herself worth $40,000 (she has been hanging in her apartment); and a lot of cash gifts-worth millions of dollars in total.”

The documents submitted on Monday contradicted Ganieva’s description of an incident in 2014 in which she claimed that Black “broke into” her apartment and raped her. Black’s lawyer said that the encounter was actually a “pre-planned romantic night.”

The lawyer wrote that the billionaire “showed up with alcohol at the appointed time on request to’coax’ Ganieva to bed”. They added that Ganeva later sent a “Thanks and Love Message”, which read: “It’s nice to see you last night. I already feel better.”

However, in June 2015, Black’s attorney stated that Ganeva started “can only be described as a shameless reorganization”, demanded $100 million and “clearly stated that she would harm Mr. Black’s personal and professional life” unless He pays.

Black’s lawyer said that, first, Ganeva argued that “she has always been’like a wife’” and was “based on this wrong reasoning”. .. Claims the right to receive half of his income”.

But when Black “pointed out that the’five years”intermittent affair’ is not’similar to a marriage'”, his lawyer said Ganeva turned to claim that she herself characterized it as “paranoid.”

“You could have given me a job,” Ganeva said. “You could have given me a visa… this time… I want to tell you that I want to do what suits me. I fully deserve it.”

Ganeva’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Black’s lawyers, the two met at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York in October that year to finalize the agreement. Black promised to pay $100,000 per month for the next 15 years. The document submitted by Black stated that Ganeva admitted to making “certain allegations.” .. Under extreme pressure, she now admits that this is not true” and promised to never sue Black for anything that happened in the past, nor disclose any information that might damage his career.

The October meeting was also recorded. According to Black’s lawyers, Ganeva took about 12 minutes to review the one-page document. They said that after signing, Ganeva declared that she was a “rich woman” and the two shared a Grand Marnier Soufflé.

Black denied that he had threatened to destroy Ganeva’s life or put her in jail. “If an ordinary citizen even has the right to do such things,” his lawyer wrote, “it is not clear why this person would force someone to pay millions of dollars instead of just doing these things.”

The billionaire said that he made monthly payments until March of this year, when Ganeva posted a “defamatory tweet” claiming that Black had abused her.

Ganieva’s lawsuit alleges that the payment came from an account called “E Trust” and she said she had never heard of this entity.

“Be very clear,” Black’s lawyer wrote in a filing on Monday. “The’E’ in’E Trust’ stands for’extortion’.”


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