Every year, when the day gets longer, hotter, and sweaty, they swarm like mosquitoes: protein shakes. Insufficient calorie meal plan. An all-or-nothing exercise program. Influencer, Fitness companies, and usually our own relatives try to sell these products to us in order to spread the so-called “summer bodybuilding” gospel.If we want to wear a little more skin when the weather gets warmer, we will be told that it’s not just us should but we have to “Shaping” (pronounced: thinner) and staying “in figure” throughout spring and summer seems to imply that our enjoyment and comfort in this season depends entirely on whether we have belly, buttocks and thighs to spare.Like all aspects of food culture, the term “summer body” (or “beach body” or “bikini body”) has very harmful connotations-especially for fat people.

The Power of Plus, an online body acceptance platform created by writers Samara Lawrence with Gianluca RussoIn the past year, it has used its educational Instagram account to address this exact type of covert (and other less covert) fat phobia. On July 19, the duo will restart with a lot of new resources. “In the coming months, we will provide resources to help mental health, body shape tolerance practitioners, weight discrimination lawyers, etc.,” Russo [teases] tell Lure only. “In addition, we will launch a network project within the big-code community to connect several industry leaders in the fashion and beauty field with the next generation.”

You will be able to find all these resources through Power of Plus Freshly baked website And its Instagram, Which contains information graphics such as body humiliation and generalized fat phobia, how to be a good ally of fat, and body affirmation. Lawrence said that the goal of all this is to provide an unwavering community for the big-size crowd. “We want to be a support system for those who may not have anyone pour their love on them in their environment and point them in the right direction like a big brother or a big sister, and they can provide them with the most fashionable clothes. Their size,” she says. “Nothing provides wisdom on important topics around you more than having a cheerleading network Get extra points in a world where thinness comes first.”

To celebrate the relaunch of Power of Plus, Russo and Lawrence shined the daunting term “summer body” – and for good reason. “All the brands and magazines that promote the ideal body shape for summer-flat lower abdomen, curves in the “right” part, toned legs, flawless skin-basically say that anyone who does not fit the above mold is not worth it. It has been seen that once the temperature starts to rise, we need to change ourselves to meet this narrow standard,” Lawrence explained. “I think it’s very harmful to tell people year after year that they need to lose weight in the summer to have fun and get people’s attention and praise for your appearance.”

Not only that, but the seasonal body concept encourages dangerous nutrition and exercise habits. “Due to the pressure to reach this normally unattainable ideal in just a few months, many people adopt unhealthy practices to achieve this goal, and may fall into disordered eating patterns or even worse,” Russo added. “This ‘Summer body‘Not promoting real health, but brands, gyms and Catering industry Profit from your insecurities. “


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