Silverstone, England-seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton put Mercedes After qualifying on Friday in his hometown of England, he ranked ahead in the first Saturday sprint of Formula One Grand prize.

The winner of the 17-lap sprint at Silverstone on Saturday will receive the official pole position in the main event on Sunday and is expected to exceed 140,000.

Hamilton can count on the support of the crowd who stood up to pay tribute to the Mercedes driver when he reached the top, and he will join the front row Red Bull’s Champion leader Max Verstappen.

Verstappen led Hamilton by 32 points after nine rounds, but the Englishman has won home games seven times and will do his best to celebrate another day for his army of fans.

The 36-year-old Englishman said: “Tomorrow I need to bring the lion out and give it everything.” His former ruler team has been defeated in the past five games. “I think I have put the car where I need it, so we will wait and see.

“We have missed a whole year,” Hamilton said of the atmosphere. “Having such an audience, seeing the energy…I think it depends on the fans.

“I can see the crowd, it really reminds me of my first pole position here in 2007.”

Verstappen was the fastest at seven tenths of a second in the only practice match of the day, which caused some panic in Mercedes.

However, the 23-year-old Dutchman stated that the car was “under-turning to the moon” in qualifying.

“I can’t really attack any corner, I’m just waiting for the front to seize the opportunity,” he said. “To be honest, driving is a bit weird.

“We are still very close, so it’s okay.”

Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas helped the Englishman punch a hole in the air and finished third. Ferrari Charles Leclerc was fourth.

“It’s all worth trying,” the Finn said. “I hope we have a good game rhythm.”

The new competition system is being tested at Silverstone and two other undecided tracks to provide more excitement in three days.

If it is considered successful, it will be expanded to more rounds next season.

So what exactly is F1 Sprint?

This The experimental new competition format poses new challenges to the Formula One champion opponents.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest sports crowd in the UK will witness the history of Formula One, making its debut at Saturday’s sprint-a qualifying race without pit stops.

The Slverstone Championship started in 1950 and is the first of three tracks. It will attempt a long sprint of 100 kilometers and a half hours to determine the pole position and set the starting position for the main event on the second day.

“Even if… the sprint is just a prelude to the main event, I think the drivers will desperately beat each other and show who is the fastest and who is the strongest,” commented Ross Brown, general manager of Formula One.

Friday’s three-part qualifying at The Sprint replaced the usual second practice, which meant that the teams had only one hour to set up their cars before the start of the race.

Friday’s mistakes may now have even greater consequences, and fans who were absent due to COVID-19 restrictions last year can look forward to meaningful action during these three days.

The top three on Saturday will receive points, which means that the driver who won two races and set the fastest lap on Sunday can get up to 29 points.

“Of course I hope to finish that game with 29 points,” said Verstappen of Red Bull Racing. After winning five of the nine games, including the last three, he is now 32 points higher than Hamilton. Minute.


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