An electric Lincoln concept car will be revealed on April 20, and today Lincoln gave us a quick look at what’s to come.

Before we detail a few photos of the car itself, Lincoln told us about the car: “The Global Concept is the inspiration for our all-electric Lincoln vehicle in the near future.”

So expect to see elements taken from this concept car applied to a production car later in the century. The theme we can see in the trailer so far is lighthearted. Lincoln uses LED lighting technology throughout the car, and even in some unique spots like the roof, hood and fenders. There’s a good chance this lighting won’t be anywhere near a production car, but it gives us a glimpse into Lincoln’s design philosophy. Obviously, light will be key.

Where the lights make more sense are the Lincoln badges that light up throughout the concept. We can see huge illuminated badges up front, smaller illuminated badges on the sides, and “Lincoln” spelled out in illuminated letters at the back. It’s also important to note that this concept is an SUV. We barely get to see the actual design, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Lincoln using the SUV body style as inspiration for its future electric vehicles.

We can only see a tiny bit of the grille/front of the car, making it look like a vast, empty space. Most of the details are shrouded in darkness, so we’ll just have to wait until April 20 to see what Lincoln has in store for us.

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