The appointments correspond to the following positions of responsibility to be held or related to the ICT and Innovation Areas of the Administration.

Let us remember that the appointment, legally speaking, corresponds to a unilateral act of the Administration endowed with binding force that produces the investiture of the named subject, that is, on whom the appointment falls, from the very moment of its publication or official notification.

The appointments that we echo this week have been:

– Decree of the President 11/2022, of July 25, which designates, among others, Counselor of University, Research and Innovation of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a. (Extraordinary BOJA No. 25 of July 26, 2022).

– Resolution of July 8, 2022, of the University of Alcalá, appointing 1 Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. (BOE no. 179 of July 27, 2022).

The information has been provided by Files of Charges Stretched, SA – FICESA (