Who will lead the Tory partyand, consequently, will stay the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was decided by the votes of party members. Although the exact number of people authorized to vote is unknown, it is known to be just over 0.3%. British citizens. Thanks to the latest research, we were also able to better understand the demographic cross-section of this group, which consists mainly of white men over 60, living in richer, southern parts of England. It was they who preferred to see the prime minister Liz Trussthan a former financier Riski Sunak.

The new prime minister will be sworn in on Tuesday, exceptionally not in a historic one Buckingham Palacewhere the queen Elizabeth II for years she has received new prime ministers in a private audience, but at the Balmoral Palace in Scotland, where the monarch is currently staying. The decision to change the tradition was made due to the difficulties in the movement of the 96-year-old queen.

Liz Truss An incredibly difficult term awaits, in which problems and the worsening economic outlook seem to multiply every day. Protest actions paralyzing the country, rising inflation, a lame economy and the energy crisis are just some of the obvious positions. Truss it also has a huge image problem.

Little is known about the private life of the new prime minister, mainly because, in the light of big political spotlights, he has been relatively new. Even Londoners living near parliament, such as Sarah, who Interia spoke to, have trouble recognizing her. – I don’t know her at all. I know what she looks like, so I’d meet her on the street, but that’s about it. I don’t know her background, I don’t know what she has achieved. I have no opinion about her – says the woman.

Truss She was born in Oxford, her father was a math professor and her mother a nurse. The family first moved to Paisley, Scotland, and then north of England, to Leeds. Liz Truss she returned to Oxford only as a student, where she studied an interdisciplinary field of philosophy, economics and politics. She graduated in 1996, then started working as an accountant at Shell.

We learned about the passions of the new prime minister from several unfortunate speeches. She betrayed in them, among others obsessed with cheese. Her emotional statement at the party congress about the shameful import of cheese to England, which unreasonably competes with great quality British cheese, gained great popularity.

In ideological and political matters Truss however, it seems to be less firm than on dairy issues. In contrast to Sunakawho consistently communicated his plan and views, Truss does not get easily pigeonholed. This can be seen, for example, in how the journalistic environment reacts to it. For Martin Wolf, deputy editor-in-chief of The Financial Times, Liz Truss she is a dangerous fanatic who will want to resurrect “a completely imaginary version of Thatcherism.”

The journalist Kay Burley, on the other hand, exposed her as an “unstable hypocrite”, mentioning on Sky News a long list of postulates from which the new prime minister managed to withdraw, such as membership of the European Union or the overthrow of the parliamentary monarchy. The journalist concluded her litany by paraphrasing the words from Eminem’s song: “Is it true Liz Truss Could it eventually arise? “Even in matters of scandals adored by the public, the Tory president has little to offer. One extramarital relationship with her then political mentor fades away in Johnson’s love affairs and mishaps.

Truss and Johnson they are similar in one respect – optimism. In Sunday’s last interview for the BBC before the results were announced, Truss reassured that the current downturn is a breeze compared to the problems of the predecessor of the eras. – We have a terrible war caused by Putin, we are still grappling with the consequences of the covid pandemic, which was a huge economic shock. We are also dealing with a serious energy crisis. I have no illusions that this is a difficult period. But as a country, we’ve faced tough challenges before and we’ve done it. I am absolutely convinced that as the future prime minister I have everything I need to meet these challenges – she said Truss.

However, the ability to recognize threats is only half the battle. For most of the campaign, which the Prime Minister herself called the “longest interview” of her life, Truss proposed mostly long-term solutions. She was less eager to talk about immediate relief, such as wage supplements and pensions, which would bring immediate relief to those most in need. Such solutions have been decided by, among others other large economies such as Germany. Only at the end of the campaign, there were voices about a possible freezing of gas prices, which would mean that the costs would stop growing indefinitely and the vision of a winter in which the bills would shoot horribly away, even for a moment.

Also different from its rival is its initial fiscal plan, which is largely based on the withdrawal of Sunak’s additional income tax to rebuild the covid hole and corporate income tax. According to available analyzes, the tax breaks announced by Truss will save the average earning residents Great Britain less than 59 pounds a year. The idea is to save much more for those who are not so much affected by the economic crisis, i.e. the richer social groups and enterprises.

For Martin Wolf from The Financial Times, the lack of a well-thought-out plan that meets the needs is a harbinger of further problems. The journalist on Saturday’s speech in Hampstead Heath in London said: – This is a terrible situation and I say it now with real horror. I think we will regret it soon. And it is quite early in this case. No matter how incredibly angry her predecessor was, she’ll jump over him.

According to the analysis of the YouGov poll, which deals with market research and data analysis on the Internet, only 12 percent. Brits expect that Liz Truss will be a good prime minister, and over 52 percent. She seems to share the opinion of skeptical journalists who predict that her term will end soon.

If the new prime minister fails to live up to the challenge he is facing, he could quickly become a victim of the heated opposition recently faced by Boris Johnson. “Conservatives can be brutal about it,” explains Harry, who has been voting for the Tory party for years. Helen McDonough, who also supports the Conservatives, is of a similar opinion. – Based on what I have seen and heard so far, I’m not her fan. I would prefer Rishi Sunak, he at least has the head of an economist, says the woman to Interia.

Capital Rishi SunakTruss had beaten in the vote precisely because of differences in work experience. The former foreign minister, like Sunak, has extensive experience in both politics and the private sector, but is less trustworthy when it comes to managing the national budget. Nevertheless, the members of the Conservative Party entitled to vote decided to elect the new leader of the Truss.

Sunak’s considerable fortune is cited as the source of his misfortunes, which, according to critics, makes the politician “detached” from reality. He was also not helped by the rumors about his wife’s tax avoidance and the fact that she had shares in a company that still operates in Russia. The lack of strong ties with the country is also considered a disadvantage of Sunak – the politician was born to a family of Indian immigrants and for some time lived in California, where he studied at Stanford University.

Truss becomes the fourth Prime Minister in the last six years. Outside of the immediate circle of ministers surrounding her, it is difficult to find people who are favorable to her. But perhaps the fact that society’s expectations are so low will make Truss the first prime minister that the British will not hate when his term is over, as was the case with Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May and more recently also Boris Johnson.

– I got completely lost in all these premieres. My favorite is still Winston Churchill, I didn’t know much about him because I was young, but we managed to survive then and that was the most important thing – tells me Derek, a meeting near the Prime Minister’s house on Downing Street before the announcement of the election.