no doubt Lizzo Always influence our beauty choices, this time she convinced us that we need to dye our eyebrows purple.Just a few weeks ago, the singer-songwriter dyed his eyebrows Blonde, But now she is back with another new eyebrow color: lavender.

On Wednesday, July 14, the singer-songwriter posted a series of selfies on her Instagram grid in which she was showing off her lavender eyebrows. At first glance, they seem to be completely saturated with purple, but if you look closely, they are still scattered with a hint of pink.

Alex Mayo, The makeup artist responsible for painting these bold and beautiful eyebrows for Lizzo also shared some appearance photos on his Instagram page.The first photo he shared was close to her face, not only focused on the eyebrows she had just dyed, but also made people notice her multi-layered Graphic eyeliner, Flowing eyelashes and long nails.

Although her nails are blurry, it is clear that they also had a wonderful moment.Manicurist Ishizu Eri Thought to make her nails look like bomb AF, she even shared some photos Gel nails On Instagram. Each nail is set with beads or rhinestones, only suitable for queens like Lizzo.

To answer a question from a fan who commented on Lizzo’s post, “So you just reinvented the eyebrows casually?” The answer is yes.If anything, Lizzo showed us that our eyebrows are another canvas on our face and need to be taken into account Absolutely No rules Suitable for designing our eyebrows. Now, if you can forgive us, we are going to dye our own eyebrows-of course the real Lizzo fashion.

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