We see pretty much every hair color in the celebrity rainbow these days, but what about under the sea? Lizzo blessed her followers with a series of Instagram photos on Sunday, April 24, showing off her latest business project, Yitty, with her curly violet ombré hair styled by Shelby Swain, and a pair of rhinestones. One piece swimsuit.In other words, she took some serious little mermaid Resonates, but with a little twist.

For me, it’s all about the details in Lizzo’s Thirst Trap by Bonnie Nichoalds titled “I feel like I post a lot but idc I’m fine, just like @yitty.” Swirl purple baby With hair draped over the singer’s forehead and black rhinestone bobby pins, Lizzo’s purple hair caught my attention Curled up to her waist, I may add.She didn’t just stop at her hair, she gave us a glam moment with a two-tone graphic liner, sharp cat-eye wings and some dewy base makeup I will try to recreate the whole week. I think I can speak for all of us: Lizzo, keep the beauties going!

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