If you think she “Rumor” video With Cardi B LizzoThe only big beauty moment of the month, you obviously don’t know Lizzo.It turns out that even before the editing debut-she drew thin eyebrows, angular eye makeup, and some of her The best nail art -She has made an important haircut statement at a special event in the first week of August. Until now, she has revealed this to all fans.

Last weekend, Lizzo posted a cute gif of herself on her Instagram grid, with the text saying: “Sometimes I feel sad… and then I—” gradually weakened and let the editing speak. In it, she briefly looked out of the camera, then looked straight ahead, and laughed happily. She has a radiant face—maybe the combination of so-called joy, a dreamy highlighter, and her forever gorgeous skin—but what really catches the eye is her amazing African descent.

The appearance is reminiscent of the Afros of the 1970s-shorter in length, but not lacking in volume or softness-it has been given a whimsical update, with four realistic monarch butterfly clips.This is easily one of the favorite natural hair styles we saw on Lizzo, and when she appeared in the virtual studio of Dove’s “My Hair, My Crown” event, she saved it (reference Crown Act, Aimed at ending racial discrimination based on hairstyle) and the Harlem Boys and Girls Club.

Despite being beautiful, wearing natural hair confidently is not always easy for Lizzo. “When I was young, I was definitely taught that a certain hair texture and type is considered beautiful-I don’t have that hair texture, which makes me feel like I need to hide this part of myself,” she told Lure in a Recent interview“When I finally, in the past few years, started to accept’this is my hair, it won’t change, and it’s beautiful’, I feel that I can finally say that I really love myself.”

She went on to say Lure She once “locked her hair”, but she realized that she was actually imprisoning it.So although she will always have a good time Try various styles, She no longer tries to hide her natural texture. “When you are locked up like this, you can’t thrive. So now I will say, let me take this style out, let me take off this wig, let her breathe. Let her expand.”

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