This London The electric car company, or LEVC as it claims to be on its website, is best known for TX, The current London taxi.But the company also sells a non-taxi variant of TX and a type called VN5. It is that van that will now get a pop-up camper option called e-Camper. Basically, this is a popular London taxi.

Not only that, the e-Camper, like other LEVC cars, is an extended range Electronic car In the vein BMW i3 Rex.Front motor from a battery It can provide a range of about 60 miles, and when it runs out, the power is 1.5-liter Volvo three-cylinder Engine (LEVC is auspicious, It also has Volvo). The total range is about 300 miles, and the gas generator means fast refueling for particularly long journeys.

As for the camper components, the e-Camper will have a typical pop-up top hinge at the rear. It can sleep up to four people, two on the pop-up top and two on the foldable rear seats. There will be an electric kitchenette and a folding table at the back of the van. The front seats can also rotate, so there are enough indoor seats.

Unfortunately, LEVC e-Camper will not be listed in the United States because none of the company’s products will be listed in the United States. But if you live in a place where LEVC cars are available, which is most of Europe, and strangely, Egypt, you should be able to pick up one. You can register your interest now, and these trucks will be available at the end of this year. The starting price is about 73,000 euros, or slightly more than 87,000 US dollars.

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