The millionaires Directed by Alberto Gamero, he has a very good present both in the Betplay League and in the Cup. The ‘Albiazules’ are first in the reclassification and are nothing to dispute the Cup final, for which they would be ensuring a place in international tournaments.

For that reason, the board would be considering bringing in a new player. Well, the idea is to expand the payroll to play the upcoming international games. And that is a plus that the clubs that manage to reach those instances have. They will be able to have more player registrations.

Under that perspective, it could be said that all the positions of the ‘Ambassador’ cadre are already well covered. However, it should be said that the attack front is still a topic to analyze. Although Luis Carlos Ruiz is responding with goals, it is necessary for another player to lend a hand.

Millionaires think about a signing for the next semester

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that from Unión Magdalena they would have given the green light around the corner.e Ricardo ‘the Horse’ Marquez. His level in the ‘Ciclón’ is being very outstanding and the team from the capital would have a purchase option on him by the end of the year.

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Thus, David Ferrería himself confirmed that there is a possibility that he will return to millionaires. In just 10 games played with the samarium team, the striker in question has scored seven goals. While that same number of goals was made in ‘Millos’, but after 59 games.

Under all this panorama, the information of Ferreira in Caracol I would put the cherry on the cake to be ahead of the times. Surely, Ricardo Márquez will end up returning to Millonarios, a team that will keep his sports rights. It is expected that he can continue to maintain the same level.